UNECOM Commander
"The Battle for Gobotron"
VOICE ACTOR: Brock Peters

General Newcastle was a high-ranking member of NASA when the first overt contact was made with the Gobots. He was responsible for the suspension of Matt, Nick and AJ and came under Renegade control, but was freed at the end of the crisis. He then moved over to take command of UNECOM, acting as Earth's equivalent to Zeemon - mainly passing on missions to the Command Center 1 team. The best description of Newcastle was that he was occasionally harsh, but fair. Many of the escapades of the Guardians were beyond him and he had a somewhat militaristic mindset, but he showed faith in his personnel for the large part and provided stability to UNECOM.

General Newcastle appeared in the following episodes:

"The Battle for Gobotron", "Target Earth", "Conquest of Earth", "Earthbound", "The Final Conflict", "Flight to Earth", "Return to Gobotron", "Dawn World", "Cy-Kill's Shrinking Ray", "Renegade Rampage Part II", "Auto-Madic", "Tarnished Image", "In Search of Ancient Gobonauts", "Depth Charge", "Nova Beam", "The Seer", "Whiz Kid", "Pacific Overtures", "Escape from Elba", "Clutch of Doom", "A New Suit for Leader-1", "Renegade Carnival", "Braxis Goes Bonkers", "Fitor to the Finish", "Cy-Kill's Cataclysmic Trap", "Trident's Triple Threat", "Crime Wave", "Ring of Fire", "It's the Thought That Counts"