"Cy-Kill's Escape"

When the planet Gobotron was struck by a meteorite, it was subject to massive climate change. The Last Engineer devised the Gobot form - essentially a large robot which could house an organic brain and allow it to survive the elements. However, the Master Renegade plunged the planet into civil war. The Last Engineer attempted to flee the planet, but his ship was taken by the Master Renegade. Having greatly modified his own form, the Last Engineer then entered into a cryogenic sleep under Gobotron, where he lay undisturbed until he was awakened by Turbo, Scooter, Small Foot and their human allies.

As he regained his faculties, he did what he could to help Gobotron, once again under attack from his ancient adversary. His modifications allowed the Guardians to escape from the Prison Moon, and then retrieve and repair Leader-1. The Last Engineer's contingency planning allowed them to escape from his lab, which turned into the Powership Courageous, and get to Earth. There, the Last Engineer worked with UNECOM and the handful of free Guardians to make a set of Powersuits to use in a counterattack against the Renegade base ship Roguestar. This was only a partial success, but when the Last Engineer arrived in Courageous, merging with the Powersuits to form a Power Warrior. The Renegades were trounced, and forced to withdraw from Gobotron.

After this, the Last Engineer grew tried and kept a low profile. He eventually decided to head to the colony of New Earth and live among humans. First, though, he had to face the Master Renegade again when the latter attempted to take over the planet. A Renegade power struggle and the help of the Guardians drove the Master Renegade away, allowing the Last Engineer to finally settle in peace.

The Last Engineer only appeared in "Cy-Kill's Escape" and "Quest for the Creator" in flashback, first appearing in the 'present' in "The Fall of Gobotron".

The Last Engineer appeared in the following episodes:

"Cy-Kill's Escape", "Quest for the Creator", "The Fall of Gobotron", "Flight to Earth", "Return to Gobotron", "Quest for New Earth"