Guardian Security Guard
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"The Battle for Gobotron"

Hans-Cuff was one of the most prominent security force Guardians. He attempted to prevent the Renegades from stealing the prototype Astro-Beam, firing on them with his lightbar-mounted blaster. However, he was then knocked out by Crasher. Hans-Cuff recovered in time to take part in the assault on the Renegade Fortress.

He would later be charged with securing the captured Renegades, but was jumped by Fitor during an escape attempt and disabled. Though repaired by Rest-Q, he was captured during the Renegade invasion, but freed by Sparky and Scooter later. He then largely returned to his duties on Gobotron, which were enlivened by the Renegades on several occasions, such as being briefly controlled by Cy-Kill as part his plan to escape from Elba, or taking custody of the captured Fitor. He would get the occasional trip to Earth, though, heading the Guardian search operation when Command Center 1 was captured by Busar, and later Astro-Beaming in with the Courageous Powersuit system to help Leader-1, Scooter, Turbo and Blaster battle the creations of Doctor Tsuburaya in Japan.

Hans-Cuff appeared in the following episodes:

"The Battle for Gobotron", "Earthbound", "The Final Conflict", "Cy-Kill's Escape", "The Fall of Gobotron", "Return to Gobotron", "Genius and Son", "Gameworld", "Whiz Kid", "Pacific Overtures", "Destroy All Guardians", "Escape from Elba", "Fitor to the Finish", "Doppelganger", "Guardian Academy"