Guardian Warrior
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"The Gobots That Time Forgot"

Dart was one of the Guardians on Cy-Kill's team, assigned with moping up remnants of the Renegade army following their unsuccessful revolt. They found the Renegades more powerful than expected, and Cy-Kill was badly damaged. Dart saved his life, but the Guardian team was forced to withdraw. Humiliated, Cy-Kill sounded out his troops about defecting to the Renegades. Dart, along with Fitor, agreed to join Cy-Kill. He later participated in unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Leader-1.

At some point following this, he managed to fall to Gobotron's level 17, long since abandoned by the Guardians and now under the rule of the tyrannical Gunnyr and his lieutenant Bug Bite. He managed to avoid the pair's brainwashing techniques and retain his knowledge of the planet beyond the level, trying to transmit to the surface. This attracted the attention of the Guardians, but soon after Dart met with Leader-1 and Turbo he was traced and captured by Bug Bite. The Guardians then stormed Gunnyr's castle and saved Dart along with the other inhabitants of level 17.

He was then reabsorbed into the Guardians, and flew a Command Center as part of a convoy taking vital materials to Gobotron. Though his Command Center was set on fire by Renegade Thrusters, Dart was nevertheless able to activate the planet's defensive fields and help keep surface casualties down.

Dart appeared in the following episodes:

"The Gobots That Time Forgot", "Et Tu, Cy-Kill", "Mission Gobotron"