Power Warrior system
"Return to Gobotron"

Devised by the Last Engineer, the Power Warrior system consisted of the shuttle Courageous, and the four Powersuits. The latter were exosuits designed to be worn by Guardians, each granting a power to the wearer - improved speed, boosted firepower, increased detection and telekinesis. They could combine to form the massive Power Warrior, usually also referred to as Courageous.

The system was first used to drive Roguestar away from Gobotron, destroying its' escort of Thrusters in the process. After this it was frequently called up to battle large threats to Earth, usually with the central shuttle operated by remote rather than piloted. Courageous easily bested the Renegades' Puzzler and the rogue UNECOM robot Sentinel, also holding its' own against Ultra Zod.

Courageous appeared in the following episodes:

"Return to Gobotron", "Ultra Zod", "Sentinel", "Auto-Madic", "Destroy All Guardians"