Rock Lord
Living rock
Gobots: Battle of the Rock Lords
VOICE ACTOR: Michael Nouri

The rugged Boulder was one of the Rock Lords who opposed Magmar's plans for conquest. He formed an alliance with Solitaire, and dispatched her to get help from the Guardians of Gobotron. In the meantime, he led his troops against Magmar, setting up an ambush. Boulder had his enemy on the run when the Renegades arrived, at which point the good rocks were forced to retreat with heavy losses. The handful of survivors then met up with Leader-1 and Turbo, forming an alliance. Firstly they marched to the Kingdom of Fossils to head Magmar off, but the difficult journey meant they arrived too late to intervene. They were soon reinforced and armed by the Guardian Small Foot, and then moved on Stonehead. There, Boulder kept Magmar at bay while Leader-1 dealt with Cy-Kill.

Boulder appeared in the following episodes:

Gobots: Battle of the Rock Lords