Guardian Warrior
M33 Missile Tank [Toy Review]
"The Final Conflict"
VOICE ACTOR: Frank Welker

An experienced Guardian, Blaster was a veteran of the first Renegade revolt, and also worked with Leader-1 against the Tri-Cats of Fedge. He would later be assigned as a guard on Gobotron's Prison Moon, but was damaged by Cy-Kill during the latter's escape. Repaired by Rest-Q, he provided backup on Antares 3, but was later captured when the Renegades invaded Gobotron. He was later freed by Sparky and Scooter.

After this he would remain a useful Guardian, partly due to his firepower. Leader-1 called him up to help with several crises, including the Insectoids' attempt to invade Earth, the Renegades' plan to destroy Tri-Ceti and to battle the rogue UNECOM robot Sentinel. He would later be part of the search team sent out to look for Command Center 1 when it disappeared on Kolob, helped throw out self-proclaimed Overlord Cy-Kill when he took over Gobotron and participated in the counterattack on Zero's headquarters.

Blaster's first appearance used a different character model, much closer to the toy and using the initial all-orange colour scheme (much like the animation model used for Machine Robo - Revenge of Cronos). From his second appearance, "Cy-Kill's Escape", this was revised with a more human face and the orange/green colour scheme. I doubt anyone's going to put a fatwah on your head if you want to claim the first version is a generic or something instead of Blaster, though.

Blaster appeared in the following episodes:

"The Final Conflict", "Cy-Kill's Escape", "Quest for the Creator", "The Fall of Gobotron", "Flight to Earth", "Return to Gobotron", "Invasion from the 21st Level Part I", "Invasion from the 21st Level Part II", "Renegade Rampage Part I", "Renegade Rampage Part II", "Sentinel", "Gameworld", "Destroy All Guardians", "Clutch of Doom", "The Third Column", "Fitor to the Finish", "Doppelganger", "It's the Thought That Counts", "Guardian Academy", "Et Tu, Cy-Kill", "Mission Gobotron"