Challenge of the Gobots was exported to several countries.

  • In the UK, the cartoon was shown on ITV's Wacaday Saturday morning strand, alternating with Transformers.
  • In Australia, the series was retitled Challenge of the Machine Men in deference to the successful brand Bandai had established with the figures.
  • In France, the show was translated as Le Defi des Gobots. It was a big success there, with the French theme tune "Go Go Gobots" being issued as a record. The cartoon did so well that the Japanese Machine Robo: Revenge of Cronos anime was uniquely imported and dubbed as La Revanche des Gobots (Revenge of the Gobots).
  • In Japan, Bandai briefly considered importing the show to promote Machine Robo, having noted the success Takara managed by doing the same with Transformers. A single episode was dubbed and screened at an industry fair, but was poorly received. The idea was then abandoned - a Machine Robo cartoon would eventually appear in 1986, when Bandai commissioned the indigenous Ashi Productions to make Revenge of Cronos.

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