Like many American cartoons of its' era, Challenge of Gobots was made with minimal continuity in the episodes. This allowed the stations which picked it up to air it in any order they pleased, while also meaning the show was easy to catch up with for young viewers. It frequently relies on reset buttons and the status quo staying the same - examples are the way Cy-Kill escapes pretty much every episode, and the same regulars are seen in 99% of episodes. The few multiple-part episodes were shown on successive days.

While the majority of episodes can still be watched in any random order, there are a few problems with the airing order, and a few places where shuffling things around is beneficial. So here are the changes I've made to the episode order:

  • Most obviously, moving the five-part "Gobotron Saga" storyline up to follow on from the original "Battle from Gobotron" miniseries. Not only does the first mini give the most logical prelude to Cy-Kill's capture and imprisonment, but the serial introduces Vamp, Scorp and Pincher (semi-regulars for much of the series), not to mention the Powersuit/Courageous system, again seen in a number of episodes.
  • I've bunched Small Foot's regular appearances together later in the run, making them episodes 50 to 57. It makes more sense considering her portrayal within these episodes as a standard member of the UNECOM team, rather than a 'guest' from Gobotron. The exceptions are "Invasion from the 21st Level", which I've left near the start to fit in better with Braxis' chronology, and "The Gobotron Saga". In either of these she could just be a 'guest' herself. I've also moved "Trident's Triple Threat" to behind "Cy-Kill's Cataclysmic Trap" and "Doppelganger". The latter explicitly references Small Foot's inexperience, while the former must happen ahead of "Doppelganger" due to the role of Snoop in its' plot.
  • I've moved "Fitor to the Finish" back a little so it's not happening next to the similarly-themed "Escape from Elba".

The next big resequencing comes at the end when the writers have the temerity to introduce some continuity. Thus it goes something like this: -

Simple, eh? I've tried not to reorder anything for the sake of it, and obviously there are still some continuity errors (such as Tork turning up long before "Guardian Academy", in "The Gift"), but I think it irons out a few unnecessary problems. And, y'know, it's my site =) Seriously, feel free to contact me if you've spotted any massive flaws, or can suggest any other changes.