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Jeff Segal, Kelly Ward and Eric Lewald
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Leader-1, Zeemon and Man-O-War inspect the damage caused by the Renegades Leader-1, Mach-3 and Scooter are stripping materials from an uninhabited planet in order to continue construction work on Gobotron. On the return journey they're attacked by Renegades and the ore harvesters are all destroyed. Back on Gobotron, Man-O-War expresses doubts that the Guardians can deliver on their promises to protect the planet and its' construction sites. On a later patrol Leader-1, Turbo and Scooter are unable to prevent Cy-Kill, Crasher and Cop-Tur from wrecking a new reforestation project with sonic generators. At the next council meeting, both Man-O-War and Bolt push for the Guardians to become more aggressive, but Leader-1 has an alternative plan.

Bolt loses patience at the Guardian Council meetingThe Guardians mine a massive amount of material, towing back to Gobotron and attracting Cy-Kill's attention. The Renegade plans to wait until the Guardian convoy is in view of Gobotolis in order to maximise the humiliation for Leader-1. A squad of Thrusters attack the Guardians just as they're coming in to land. The Guardians drive them off, but the convoy is largely wrecked. The sheets of ore rain down on Gobotron, causing much damage before Dart is able to bring the planet's defences online. Ships equipped with tractor beams retrieve nearly all of the ore, and the Guardians' morale is boosted. Cy-Kill gathers every Thruster he has available and sets out to attack the Guardians themselves. The Renegade fleet initially causes much damage, but are drawn into a trap. A Guardian counterattack made up of numerous Command Centers scatters the Thrusters, but an enraged Cy-Kill disembarks and attacks by himself. He's knocked out by Leader-1 and grabbed by Cop-Tur and Crasher, who then flee. The comprehensive victory renews the council's faith in Leader-1, who proudly declares it's a new beginning for Gobotron and the universe. However, back on Roguestar, Cy-Kill swears he will return.


The ore is retrieved from Gobotron by tractor beamGunnyr has joined Cy-Kill's main band of Renegades following "The Gobots Time Forgot" - he was imprisoned at the end of that one, and presumably rescued by Cy-Kill afterwards (and thus probably had to accept a lower posting as a result). Man-O-War and Bolt are both current members of the Guardian Council alongside Zeemon, Leader-1 and three generics (one of whom might be Major Mo). The Renegades have less than 20 Thrusters left. There's a surprising amount of carnage in this one - several generics are crushed by falling slabs of metal, while others are blown apart in the final battle. No named characters are shown to die, though it's interesting to note that neither Ace nor Bolt are seen after being shot down by Thrusters, even in the council scene.

Sky Jack is referred to by his toy-accurate name, whereas he was called Spike earlier. It seems fair enough in this case to label that name an error. With its' epic battle, upbeat ending and the condition of the Renegades suggesting a lull at least is about to break out, this one very much feels like the final episode of the TV series, even if several were shown after it. Therefore I've moved this to last (apart from "Battle of the Rock Lords") accordingly.


The Renegade fleet attacksGobots Featured: Scooter, Leader-1, Turbo, Mach-3, Crasher, Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur, Sky Jack, Gunnyr, Zeemon, Man-O-War, Bolt, Dart, Ace, Night Ranger, Hornet, Re-Volt, Small Foot, Blaster.

Particularly Glaring Errors: The first establishing shot of Gobotron has the bottom half of the planet drawn much smaller than the top part. Gunnyr is shown with Mach-3 and Bolt defending the convoy in his jet mode. Activation of the planet's defences can apparently only be done from Dart's Command Center - who the Hell designed that system? Snoop is seen briefly on the surface of Gobotron, being bombarded by the Renegades.

Moments of Actual Quality: Some fantastic big battle scenes keep things lively. Man-O-War is great too - finally a Guardian who asks awkward questions.

Unintentional Hilarity: For some reason the episode's title appears in massive text in the first shot, straight after the title card. Scooter clings to Leader-1 at one point.


Mach-3 defends GobotronIn common with several later episodes (ignoring air dates here, and going by the ones that feature later characters), this one is actually very good - which is more frustrating in a way as it emphasises the sheer amount wasted across the series. A whole season with this sort of direction could have been pretty good, but there we go.

The larger roles of newer characters gives the episode a freshness, and it is great to see the Renegades stop mucking around and just attack.