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Jeff Segal, Kelly Ward, Eric Lewald and Mark Edens
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Guardians Dart and Cy-Kill chase down the Renegades Leader-1, Turbo, Tri-Trak and Treds are chasing Cy-Kill, but are led into a trap and attacked by Crasher and Cop-Tur. They're bailed out by the arrival of Scooter in the Command Center, and the Renegades are driven off. Leader-1 notices that they are using old weapons of a type he last saw during Cy-Kill's Guardian days. After Leader-1, Treds and Turbo set off to check a strange energy source, Scooter tells the intrigued humans about Cy-Kill's past. After the first Renegade revolt, Leader-1, Cy-Kill and Zeemon were elected as High Protectors on Gobotron. Cy-Kill was already getting power hungry and ambitious, wanting to take over the planet with Leader-1 in order to make it stronger. Gobotron was under threat from the remaining Renegades and the Parthian raiders, as well as having to protect the quarries on Garleon. Cy-Kill volunteered to attack the Renegades at their Xeros base and Zeemon offered to lead an assault on Parthis, leaving Leader-1 to protect the quarries. Cy-Kill's team met considerable resistance, and he was nearly killed by the Renegade Zero before Dart saved him and they withdrew.

Cy-Kill is injured battling ZeroThings didn't go well for Zeemon on Parthis either, as his squad were ambushed. His own transformation mechanism was jammed because of the damage caused, and his force retreated to Gobotron also. The Renegades, meanwhile, raided Garleon, and Leader-1 only escaped death because of the intervention of a miner named Turbo. The Renegades were captured with his help. The council reconvened, and Zeemon gave up his ability to convert as a result of his failure. Cy-Kill was less apologetic, and became angry when he heard of Leader-1's success. Leader-1 turned down an offer to become leader of Gobotron, believing no Gobot should have command of another, and instead asked Cy-Kill to join him as joint leader of the Guardians. Cy-Kill seemed to agree, but later visited the captured Crasher and Cop-Tur. He released the Renegades on condition they destroy Leader-1 for him, and also began converting Guardians to his cause. Two of these, Fitor and Dart, conspired to take Leader-1 into an ambush. He survived the assassination attempt, but was taken out by Cy-Kill. Finally he realises Cy-Kill had changed sides. The other Guardians arrived (warned by Bullseye) and saved Leader-1, but Cy-Kill left with the Renegades. Back in the present, the Guardians have tracked the power source to a Parthian energy chip - the same one Leader-1 offered to Cy-Kill as a token of friendship all that time ago.


Zeemon leads his troops into battle on ParthiaThe present-day Renegades have found a supply of reduplicators, an old rifle weapon used by Parthian raiders (a race of winged monkeys, not to be confused with the ancient empire in what we now know as Iran). Tri-Trak is a full Guardian operative in this one, moving it to after "Guardian Academy" in 'continuity' order.

The High Protectors were rough equivalents to generals. Blaster, Heat Seeker and Spay-C served on the Guardian Council in the past. Turbo used to work on the quarries on Garleon, and he first met Leader-1 there while saving him from being crushed under some machinery (he also meets Crasher for the first time). Dart is seen as a Guardian here, later defecting (see "The Gobots That Time Forgot"). Zero, Loco, Hornet, Bugsie, Crasher, Cop-Tur, Geeper-Creeper and Klaws are among the Renegades we see who were part of the faction before Cy-Kill took over. Fitor isn't; he's a Guardian at first, and defects with Cy-Kill. The flashbacks also provide the only appearances of Moto-San and Bullseye.


Leader-1, Turbo and Treds are feted on GobotronGobots Featured: Turbo, Leader-1, Cy-Kill, Treds, Tri-Trak, Crasher, Cop-Tur, Scooter, Blaster, Heat Seeker, Spay-C, Dart, Bullseye, Hornet, Loco, Zero, Bugsie, Klaws, Moto-San, Geeper-Creeper, Fitor.

Humans Featured: AJ, Nick, Matt.

Particularly Glaring Errors: Twister is seen as a Guardian in the flashbacks despite not graduating from the academy until much more recently (at the same time as Tri-Trak, who's also seen in the flashbacks with Zeemon, and even reacts with surprise in the 'present' segments as Scooter tells him the story).

Moments of Actual Quality: As well as some nice action sequences there are some surprisingly deft touches - Zeemon losing his transformation ability is probably the nicest, but that they thought to have Fitor following Cy-Kill across is another good one.

Unintentional Hilarity: I can't work out whether Cy-Kill, Fitor, Dart and Bullseye playing cards is rubbish or awesome. Probably a bit of both. The Parthians are definitely funny for the wrong reasons, though.


Leader-1 tries to make an alliance with Cy-KillAnother great episode - the back story of Cy-Kill (and Leader-1) is fascinating, and the flashback sequences are nicely thought out. Maybe there's a little bit of convolution in the way all the key players fall into place (the end of the flashback basically brings us up to date and gives the impression there was a sudden change followed by very little else for a long time), but origin stories are good fun, and it means we get a few of them really.

The script in general shows an unusual level of care and craftsmanship (though the Secret Riders errors are annoying).