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Jeff Seagle, Kelly Ward and Francis Moss
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Scooter and TorkThe Guardians are helping Professor Janis, who believes he has found the lost city of Atlantis. He sets out with his assistant Professor Lois Ransome, Matt, Nick, Scooter and Tork. They're ambushed by Crasher and Cy-Kill, but Tork buries them under an avalanche. However, Janis is working with the Renegades, and has the Atlantean Amulet of Power in his possession. The expedition soon arrives at Atlantis, but Cy-Kill captures them. However, the Renegades come under attack from a Boomer driven by AJ, and Leader-1 and Turbo also arrive. Janis sneaks away to find the Crypt of Dreams, which will give him all of Atlantis' secrets. Cy-Kill follows him, and tries to take the Amulet, but Janis summons a minotaur to defeat him. Janis reveals that the Crypt is a portal to another dimension, and Cy-Kill is forced to accept the Professor's terms. He sends Furies to attack the expedition.

The Guardians' Boomer The creatures are immune to the Guardians' weapons, and seemingly bury them in ice. Scooter and Tork escape, and manage to get the Amulet off Janis. However, the professor sends a dragon after him, and Cy-Kill retrieves the Amulet. Scooter still manages to trick the dragon into freeing the other Guardians, and the Boomer disables the creature. Tork captures Janis, who agrees to help stop the Renegades. As it is, Cy-Kill is unable to control the creatures he summons, and they fight among themselves. The Amulet is destroyed, and the Renegades retreat. The Guardians defeat the monsters, and plan a full UNECOM investigation of Atlantis, under the reformed Janis.


Cy-Kill falls foul of the MinotaurA Boomer is featured - though it's simply a Gobot vehicle with no sign of the toy's action feature. Cy-Kill specifically identifies it as a Guardian Boomer, suggesting (as in the toyline) that the Renegades also use the type. Funnily enough, the blue one is the Renegade version in the toyline.

This episode features Tork as a full Guardian, and therefore must take place after "Guardian Academy".


Cy-Kill with the Amulet of PowerGobots Featured: Turbo, Leader-1, Scooter, Tork, Crasher, Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur.

Humans Featured: Matt, AJ, Nick, Professor Janis, Professor Lois Ransome.

Particularly Glaring Errors: Matt and Janis push open a stone door with considerable effort when they have two giant robots sitting behind them doing nothing. How do the Guardian reinforcements get into Atlantis? Why does Janis even need either set of Gobots? How does Scooter reflect the Gorgon's eye beams back when he only turns into an illusion of a mirror?

Moments of Actual Quality: Cy-Kill gets beaten up by a giant minotaur in red underpants. The final scene of the Renegades onboard the Thruster, with Crasher lecturing Cy-Kill on greed and Cop-Tur holding his rotor blades (turned into stone by the Gorgon) with an utterly heartbroken look on his face is charming.

Unintentional Hilarity: Lois is all over Matt the whole episode.


Lois sexually assaults Matt, making Janis jealousThe central plot (another staple of the period) is hokey, but once you get past the sheer implausibility of it all, makes for good, cheesy fun. Stuff just keeps happening, and it's certainly never boring. Janis has something approaching a motive, the fight scenes are pretty good (and when they're not good, they're funny), giant robots battle with mythological monsters, Tork is a fun guest star, and the obvious ending of Atlantis being buried again is averted.

Good, stupid fun, nowhere near as awful as it could have been and not as bad as it sounds either.