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The probe team return to the Space FortressProfessor Von Joy, Matt, Nick, AJ and an Australian scientist take a UNECOM probe shuttle from Australia in order to observe Halley's comet. They return almost straight away, heading to the new Star Fortress with a sample of the rare energy source quantumite they found in the comet's tail. The fortress then comes under Renegade attack. Scooter and Von Joy rig the quantumite up to the defences. This easily deflects the Renegade attacks, forcing Thruster to retreat. The shield covers all of Earth too. UNECOM prepare to gather more quantumite, planning to open the shield to allow their shuttle to come and go. It reaches the comet, but is then attacked by Thruster and crash-lands on it. Turbo, Von Joy, Matt and the Australian are all knocked out and captured, while Nick and AJ escape to the moon's surface. Cy-Kill controls Matt to satisfy Leader-1 that the shuttle is in no danger.

The Space FortressNick and AJ manage to bury Sky Jack and Pincher under a rock fall, and head back towards the shuttle. They overhear Cy-Kill's plan to slip past Earth's defences in the UNECOM ship. The pair sneak onboard and try sabotaging Thruster, but are unable to stop it taking off. It lands as scheduled inside the Fortress and the Renegades run riot in the base. However, Turbo manages to get free and the Guardians set off to stop the Renegades from stealing the quantumite. A chase develops, but the Renegades reach Thruster with the energy source. However, the kids' sabotage prevents the ship's cargo bay doors from opening. Cop-Tur forces them, releasing Nick and AJ and knocking the quantumite from its' housing. It melts through the Fortress' floor, and everyone is forced to evacuate before the station is destroyed.


The Renegades on Halley's CometThe appearance of Halley's Comet means this episode presumably takes place in 1986. The Guardians and UNECOM have built a joint Star Fortress in Earth orbit. It's massive, with a large staff to boot.

The Australian scientist doesn't appear to be named at any point in the episode, despite having a sizeable speaking part. Twister features as a Guardian, setting this one after "Guardian Academy".


Tiwster and Mach-3 defend the quantumite from the RenegadesGobots Featured: Professor Von Joy, Leader-1, Sparky, Turbo, Scooter, Cop-Tur, Cy-Kill, Crasher, Pincher, Sky Jack, Twister, Mach-3.

Humans Featured: Matt, Nick, AJ, an Australian scientist.

Particularly Glaring Errors: You can't land on Halley's Comet. When the Guardians set off after the quantumite in vehicle mode, Small Foot briefly replaces Sparky. Sparky later speaks to the other Guardians over an intercom from another ship, despite being shown standing directly behind them. It's never explained how the Renegades learned of the quantumite in the first place.

Moments of Actual Quality: The secret of Halley's comet is nothing to do with super-powerful aliens, precious kids or magic, which is a nice surprise.

Unintentional Hilarity: Everyone seems a bit slow and doped up. Several characters just stare off into space, Scooter always has a weird grin on his face regardless of circumstances, and check out Turbo's slow charge when he tackles Crasher and Cop-Tur on the crashed shuttle... They're all pissed. Nice, flattering spacesuits UNECOM have too - the big front pocket that makes it look like Nick is pulling tools out of his scrotum is especially classy.


The Renegades escape with the quantumiteA mediocre episode at best. The whole thing feels very sluggish and padded, with some long, silly chases around the Space Fortress the most obvious culprits. While analysing cartoon science is generally daft it's also hard to ignore that a large chunk of the episode takes place on the surface of a comet.

The Renegades pretty much win this one - even though they don't get the quantumite, not only do they take it from the Guardians but they also help destroy the massive Star Fortress. It's funny watching them grasp at straws to give a happy ending.