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Jeff Segal, Kelly Ward and John Loy
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Stretch guards the Master Renegade on RoguestarThe Command Center picks up a mayday from the cargo ship Pilgrim, which is under Renegade attack. The Guardians drive them off, but the Pilgrim is badly damaged. Scooter and the Last Engineer are able to affect repairs, and the ship is towed to Gobotron. The crew explain they're heading to the colony of New Earth, and the Last Engineer decides to go with them. Meanwhile, on Roguestar, Scorp and Vamp visit the imprisoned Master Renegade, telling him they have sent a signal to Antares 3. It has been received by another of his creations, Creepy. He travels to Roguestar and knocks out its' stealth device. Vamp and Scorp free the Master Renegade and escape the ship with Creepy. The Pilgrim leaves Gobotron, but is attacked again by the waiting Thruster. However, the ship is manned by Leader-1, Turbo and Path Finder, with the colonists getting past in the Command Center with the Secret Riders aboard as security. Unknown to them, the colonists are tracked by the Master Renegade.

The colonists and their escort arrive at New EarthThe Command Center lands on New Earth, only to find the Master Renegade has got there first. The Guardians are captured, and the colonists are told they will be the Master Renegade's slaves. However, Cy-Kill then arrives and attacks the Master Renegade's troops. While the two sets of Renegades battle, Hanrahan and Jeffries get the injured Last Engineer to safety, while a stray blast frees the Guardians. The Master Renegade attempts to escape in a shuttle, and a recovered Last Engineer chases after him. Vamp and Scorp rejoin with Cy-Kill to battle the Guardians, but to no avail and they're overcome. The Last Engineer hunts down the Master Renegade, but before he can finish him, Creepy beams his master away. New Earth is free once more, and the Last Engineer settles into his new home.


The Master Renegade and his followersThis is stated to be Tri-Trak, Twister and Throttle's first taste of battle, placing this one after "Guardian Academy". Cop-Tur doesn't recognise them, but then he is a moron. New Earth is the fourth planet of the Orion 6 system. The Last Renegade describes himself as part Gobot, part human and refers to himself as having more in common with humans - presumably the organics that preceded the Gobots are nigh-identical to Earth's humans. The Pilgrim is never identified as a UNECOM ship.

Creepy can project energy nets from his claws. Gobotron has a Picnic Moon. Gobotron has far too many moons if they have space for that sort of thing. This was the last episode broadcast.


Throttle fires at CrasherGobots Featured: Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur, Throttle, Twister, Tri-Trak, Leader-1, Scooter, Turbo, Crasher, Stretch, Scorp, Vamp, Creepy, Fitor, Sky Jack, Path Finder.

Humans Featured: Captain Hanrahan, Kelly Jeffries.

Others Featured: The Last Engineer, the Master Renegade.

Particularly Glaring Errors: Throttle seems to have taken Tork's place as a Secret Rider. Leader-1 and Turbo mooning over the Last Engineer seems a bit daft as neither have mentioned him since he last appeared (what exactly has he been up to anyway?). As the colonists disembark, their legs aren't animated.

Moments of Actual Quality: The new Guardians are pretty cool, especially Throttle easily handling Crasher twice. There's also a showdown between Crasher and Vamp to savour.

Unintentional Hilarity: The three Guardians on New Earth stand there and watch while the Last Engineer is gunned down by the Master Renegade before deciding to do something. At which point Twister charges towards Tri-Trak and Throttle so they can all fit under one of Creepy's nets.


The Master Renegade and the Last Engineer tussleIt's nice to catch up with the Last Engineer and Master Renegade again, but the pair basically take over the episode. The result is that we don't find out that much about the three likeable Guardians sent along to New Earth despite Leader-1, Turbo and Scooter all being sidelined.

On the other hand, Creepy makes a strong debut, and the use of Vamp and Scorp is nice (even if their return to Cy-Kill doesn't convince). It's just a shame the Gobots themselves are crowded out by a pair of superpowered humans.