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Scooter is captured by Bug BiteScooter is finished a new scanner which can pick up signals from anywhere in the universe. However, the first use picks up a signal deep inside Gobotron. Leader-1 and Turbo dismiss this, telling him his machine isn't working. Scooter finds an old transit capsule and sets off to investigate by himself. He ends up on Gobotron's level 17, and on arrival is attacked. The capsule is destroyed and his powers are blocked. Scooter is imprisoned by the Renegades living there, led by Lord High Gobot Gunnyr and his lieutenant Bug Bite. They have possession of scramblers which block the interference of the Crystal Mountains, allowing them to convert. Leader-1 and Turbo set out looking for Scooter, and head for level 17 as his last known location. However, with no transit capsule, they encounter an energy wall they can only pass through inside Leader-1's shield. Once past, they find themselves unable to convert and under attack from a Zod. They manage to force it into the barrier with an avalanche and destroy it. They find a settlement and try to question passers by, but only one named Dart listens, taking them somewhere safe.

Ace prepares Scooter for brainwashingMeanwhile, Gunnyr and Bug Bite interrogate Scooter and find that he followed a transmission. The Guardian is then slated to have his brain modified to remove all memories of the world above. However, Ace decides not to carry out the process and helps Scooter escape. The other Guardians arrive at Dart's hideout, but Bug Bite has tracked the earlier transmission there and they're all captured. Dart convinces Bug Bite the other two are just ignorant peasants and know nothing of the transmitter. Only Dart is taken away. Leader-1 and Turbo decide to head to Gunnyr's palace and get to the bottom of things. Scooter and Ace manage to get to the Crystal Mountain, where they find that the interference is caused by a machine rather than natural. With weapons taken from guards, Leader-1 and Turbo storm the palace in time to save Dart from being reprogrammed. The trio try to escape, but are easily caught by Gunnyr and Bug Bite. The tide turns when Scooter and Ace manage to destroy Gunnyr's device, and the Guardians' power returns. The Renegades are easily beaten and captured, while Scooter and Ace meet up with the others. Dart and Ace are made Guardians, and can convert for the first time.


Dart gets Leader-1 and Turbo to safetyThe innermost levels of Gobotron were failed attempts to create artificial environments, and the bottom 80 levels (out of 200) were sealed long ago. There's water under Gobotron's surface. Dart is very short for a Gobot, at around 8 feet tall (most are around 12 feet tall). The guards seen appear to be androids rather than Gobots. This one possibly clashes with "Et Tu, Cy-Kill" in regards to Dart, who's shown to be a Guardian in that episode and later defects to the Renegades. It's possible that he was then captured or lost on the lower levels and disagreed with Gunnyr, choosing to become a Guardian again (even this fudge wouldn't be a clean fix, though - see the errors section below).

Random Fun Fact: Bug Bite is meant to be yellow in this episode, but the only copy in circulation is low-quality and he appears white in most scenes (like the Transformers homage/rip-off); when he's shown smaller against a dark background you can just about make out the yellow, however.


Gunnyr tracks Dart's transmissionGobots Featured: Scooter, Leader-1, Turbo, Bug Bite, Gunnyr, Ace, Dart.

Others Featured: Zod.

Particularly Glaring Errors: While the brain draining accounts for Dart's change in personality since the flashbacks in "Et Tu, Cy-Kill", Leader-1 and Turbo should still recognise him.

Moments of Actual Quality: This one nicely showcases the (possibly accidental) character development of Scooter as the series progresses - he might not be the bravest or toughest Guardian, but he's certainly less cowardly, whiny and irritating than he is in earlier episodes.

Unintentional Hilarity: Gunnyr's guards are rather portly.


Bug Bite trounces TurboThe later episodes of the series began thinking outside the box a little, resulting in a much more interesting series. This is an unorthodox but successful way of introducing four new characters that takes advantage of Gobotron's unique construction in order to work.

The new guys all get a good start as well, especially Gunnyr's flat-track bully sidekick Bug Bite (ironically, the only one we won't see again), and once again a different environment shakes things up a bit, resulting in a lively episode.