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Scooter with Element X The Renegades attack the Guardians' Space Lab. The crew, Professor Von Joy and Sparky, self-destruct the base to prevent it falling into Renegade hands. They survive, however, and Sparky recovers the new Element X Von Joy was working on. The Guardians transfer it to UNECOM's lab on Earth; however, this is overheard by a Renegade bugging device. The Command Center taking it there is attacked by Cy-Kill's Thruster, and shot down on its' approach above Earth. Turbo manages to land the ship on a remote island, which happens to be where the lab is located. The Renegades follow and land, so Turbo sends Scooter and Small Foot on ahead with Element X and tries to contact Leader-1 himself. While looking for the lab, the two smaller Guardians find a woman imprisoned in a crystal who claims to be Astral, princess of the lost planet of Crynos.

Astral frees herself at Scooter's expenseWhen Scooter investigates the woman is able to switch places with him, and Small Foot escapes to find help. Meanwhile, Turbo has been captured by the Renegades, who pick up Astral on their scanners. Cy-Kill sends Crasher to collect her, but Astral absorbs the Renegade's energy beams. Cy-Kill watches amazed as Astral then hurls Crasher away using an energy field , then takes out Cop-Tur. He offers to help her instead - she's after the mineral crylinium, so Cy-Kill tells her the Guardians have all the known reserves. Leader-1, Von Joy and Sparky arrive, finding the first Command Center and an injured Turbo. Leader-1 sets out to find Cy-Kill, who has located the secret lab. He and Small Foot try to stop Astral, who realises her error when the Guardians put themselves at risk to defend their friends. She finds out he was lying about the crylinium, and attacks Thruster. Astral then takes them to Scooter and releases the small Guardian. Von Joy is able to modify Element X to synthesise crylinium, and Astral is able to revive her people and head back to their own planet.


Astral and the Renegades and the secret labCrylinium is usually produced by harnessing the energy of older suns - Earth's is still too young. Astral's people need crylinium to access their powers, and they've been waiting on Earth in suspended animation for the sun to reach the right age. Scooter, Sparky and Professor Von Joy all have storage compartments inside their chests. Von Joy's also contains a limited mobile lab/tool kit.

Could Crynos be a sideways reference to the Japanese series? Is Astral the leader of the Cronos tribe? Is is a crossover? No.


Small Foot attacks AstralGobots Featured: Professor Von Joy, Sparky, Crasher, Path Finder, Van Guard, Rest-Q, Turbo, Scooter, Leader-1, Small Foot, Cy-Kill, Crasher, Cop-Tur.

Humans Featured: Matt, Nick, AJ.

Others Featured: Astral.

Particularly Glaring Errors: BuggyMan randomly turns up with the Guardians at the end.

Moments of Actual Quality: I got nothing.

Unintentional Hilarity: Cy-Kill's ham acting.


Von Joy modifies Element XOnce again the quality nosedives (well, nosedives further than usual) as soon as we meet a crazy alien. After a workable start, the episode soon degenerates into a virtual remake of "The Gift", with only minor variations.

Most of these are for the worst, notably Astral's unconvincing mid-episode about-face - she shows no regret at imprisoning Scooter and attacks Small Foot long before Cy-Kill tricks her, but later on we're asked to believe it was all just an honest misunderstanding.