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Cy-Kill broadcasts his ultimatum to the world Cy-Kill plans to subdue Earth by using a machine to tamper with the planet's tectonic plates. However, the Renegades stumble upon a UNECOM shuttle named USS Resolute, mounting a new railgun, and Thruster is heavily damaged. Nevertheless the ship gets them to their target, a volcano on a small island. He broadcasts a threat to the world's leaders, offering them 24 hours to hand the Guardians over to him or else. A demonstration causes chaos across the planet, and panic grips UNECOM. Scooter and Nick track Cy-Kill to his base, and Leader-1 develops a plan. Firstly, he contacts Cy-Kill and tells him he will surrender as long as the other Guardians are allowed to leave Earth. He seemingly heads to the island alone, but the other Guardians follow covertly in the Command Center. Cy-Kill anticipates this, and dispatches Crasher, Scorp and Pincher on Thruster to intercept them.

The Command Center is shot downThe Command Center is shot down, but only Turbo is onboard - Scooter and Small Foot have also sneaked in, covered by a hologram. Leader-1 meets with Cy-Kill and is attacked by Vamp and Cop-Tur. By the time Small Foot and Scooter catch up, the Renegades have him suspended over a channel of lava. Cy-Kill tells the defeated Guardian he plans to take over the world anyway, but the other two cause a distraction. Small Foot is able to save Leader-1, while Scooter tries to stop Cy-Kill's machine. The Renegades escape as the volcano collapses. However, the Command Center has recovered enough to shoot it down. Crasher, Vamp, Scorp and Pincher try to delay Turbo. He's aided by Leader-1 and Small Foot, who have also escaped from the volcano. By now Cy-Kill and Cop-Tur have fixed Thruster, and the Renegades retreat. Thankfully, Scooter is able to stop the machine before the volcano erupts.


Scooter and Small Foot make their way towards the volcanoThe railgun was designed by Nick. Not the concept, you understand, that was Louis Octave Fauchon-Villeplee, just this specific type.

The island isn't named - it's possibly meant to be Alamagan, one of the Marianas Islands (see "Depth Charge"), home of the Bandeeras Park volcano and a very small village (with seven inhabitants in 2007, and just four houses). Or it could have just been made up on the spot, who knows?


Cy-Kill gloats over a defeated Leader-1Gobots Featured: Scooter, Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur, Crasher, Small Foot, Leader-1, Vamp, Scorp, Pincher, Turbo.

Humans Featured: Nick, Matt, General Newcastle.

Particularly Glaring Errors: When Cy-Kill orders Crasher to fire at will, it's Crasher who's shown, miming to Cy-Kill's dialogue. Once again Scooter's hologram projector seems to chance his physical attributes, this time apparently turning him into a boulder (Pincher is flattened by the disguise). The railgun is given huge emphasis, and then ignored.

Moments of Actual Quality: Cy-Kill takes the piss out of Leader-1's name.

Unintentional Hilarity: There's an awful lot of random Renegade laughing in this one, even by the usual standards.


Turbo is chased by Pincher, Scorp and VampA very muddy, unfocused episode. The plot seems very understated, with Cy-Kill's objective lurching from domination of Earth to destruction of Leader-1. And the Guardians aren't much better - Leader-1 agrees to hand himself over to Cy-Kill, then seems surprised when his old enemy attacks him on sight; he takes along back-up and gives them nothing to do (Small Foot and Scooter only save the day because they ignore his orders!).

It's also horribly padded, with endless Renegade chuckling, the bum steer of the railgun and a few natives who do nothing.