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Jeff Segal, Kelly Ward and Mark Young
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Dear. God.Scooter, Small Foot, Nick and AJ are watching a stock car race. Obviously it's attacked, by Crasher, Fly Trap and BuggyMan. Scooter's holographic projection unit is shorted out. Leader-1 and Turbo arrive in their Powersuits, driving the Renegades off, but Scooter is feeling useless after he was unable to stop them himself. He's sent back to Gobotron for repairs. There, Scooter has Professor Von Joy replace his damaged holographic unit with a blaster. Meanwhile, Cy-Kill resolves to steal the Powersuits. He assigns Screw Head, Scorp and Bad Boy to create a diversion. Screw Head attacks the UNECOM tracking station in Hawaii. Leader-1 and Turbo set out to deal with him, but Scooter's obsession with his new weaponry is causing him to neglect his other duties.

Fly Trap with Nick and AJWhen Crasher, Scorp and Crasher arrive at the Command Center to take the Powersuits, Scooter refuses to call Leader-1, instead insisting he can handle the Renegades himself. However, he's unable to control his weaponry, disabling the ships' communications before he's captured. Screw Head leaves Hawaii after a short attack, while Bad Boy and Cop-Tur attack another facility in Alaska. Turbo and Leader-1 head there, but the Renegades again withdraw after Cy-Kill captures the Powersuits. Leader-1 figures out what's happening, and they head back to the Command Center. Scooter is able to free himself and then Small Foot, and the pair keep the Renegades distracted from using the Powersuits until Leader-1 and Turbo arrive. The Renegades are driven off, while Scooter realises how much he misses his holographic unit and gets it refitted.


Scooter gets upgradedScooter can drink an inordinate amount of fizzy pop. Seriously, he has a case of it with a mad structure of straws so he can drink from all 20-something cups at the same time. His scanners can also detect Renegades. He can mimic the voices of other Gobots with uncanny accuracy.

Crasher's, er... Crasher's ticklish. Or maybe completely and utterly mental. God knows. The Powersuit used by Turbo has X-ray capability. Leader-1's example has Mega-Blasters. UNECOM have a lone satellite tracking station, in Hawaii, ran by one Commander Kodo. There's also a Glacier Installation in Alaska.


Aloha, UNECOM!Gobots Featured: Scooter, Small Foot, Fly Trap, Crasher, BuggyMan, Leader-1, Turbo, Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur, Professor Von Joy, Screw Head, Bad Boy, Scorp.

Humans Featured: Nick, AJ, Matt, Commander Kodo.

Particularly Glaring Errors: I know Small Foot and Scooter aren't exactly the Wreckers, but at the race track they sit there doing literally nothing until the Renegades actually attack them. It's not explained what exactly they were going to do with Nick and AJ when they caught them, either.

Moments of Actual Quality: Fly Trap just stealing a racer's car and compacting it is great. That's being a dick in an inventive, yet tidy, way. According to Von Joy, Scooter's blasters have a sixty-day warranty, and he just wanders off mid-explanation and throws Scooter's own holographic projector at him, which Scooter destroys on reflex. Von Joy then presents him with an instruction manual. He might just be my favourite character in the whole series. Screw Head gets to say "Aloha, UNECOM!" as well.

Unintentional Hilarity: Crasher: "Don't make me... laugh.... MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!". How the Hell can anyone not make Crasher laugh? She laughs at pretty much everything. Cy-Kill's witty riposte to Fly Trap's claim the plan "almost" worked: "And you're almost pathetic, Fly Trap!". Eh?


Scooter, gunslingerA spotlight episode focusing on Scooter? Yeh, that's just what the world needs. Why don't Hanna-Barbera resurrect Hitler and invent a chocolate teapot while they're coming up with such brilliant ideas?

That said, it's not quite as bowel-shatteringly terrible as you'd think. Scooter's still annoying, even moreso seeing as someone thought it'd be funny if he affected a cod-Western drawl for half the episode, but the non-Scooter bits are actually pretty good. And Von Joy rocks.