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Cop-Tur frees some bank robbers Due to a lack of recent Renegade activity, the Guardians have been helping the police stop human criminals. However, after they stop another bank job, the Renegades turn up and free the robbers. Cy-Kill is planning to use the heads of crime organisations to help him, and holds a summit with them. He plans to help the gangsters take over Earth for him. The bosses agree, and begin a crime spree which the authorities can't stop. Matt offers to infiltrate the gangs to find out what's behind it all, posing as a biker with a holographic disguise provided by Scooter. As Leroy Pond, he befriends the head of the human operation, Murchison. He finds the money is being spent on a shield generator in order to make the criminal armies invulnerable.

Fly Trap and Stretch break into a gold depositoryHowever, Cy-Kill recognises Matt before he can do anything, and Murchison has him locked up. However, Scooter is able to get the information back to UNECOM. The army are unable to stop the shielded crooks, though, and the Guardians are defeated in Washington. Murchison installs himself in the White House. Flip Top is able to rescue Matt, who shows them where the shield generator is. Flip Top keeps Cop-Tur busy while Matt sneaks in and sabotages the machine. When it blows, the distraction allows Flip Top to knock out Cop-Tur. Troops retake the White House, and the repaired Guardians take on the Renegades. Flip Top dumps Cy-Kill and Crasher in the sea, where they're picked up by the retreating Thruster.


Cy-Kill sees through Matt's disguiseCrasher's line "I love the crunch of metal in the morning!" is a reference to Apocalypse Now, obviously. The red pickup driven in Washington by Newcastle and AJ is clearly Small Foot, but she's not seen in any other scenes (or in robot mode) in the whole episode. There are some hints that Cop-Tur and Flip Top have some sort of history. This is the only episode Doctor Go is seen transforming in.

There's no serious claim that the troops shot by the gangsters aren't killed - usually in this sort of thing there'd be some stun gun disclaimer, but there's nothing here. Stretch isn't dumped at sea, and therefore isn't picked up by Thruster - he might be captured, or he might be collected by Astro-Beam later.


Now, why does that look familiar?Gobots Featured: Leader-1, Scooter, Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur, Crasher, Fly Trap, Stretch, Turbo, Small Foot, Flip Top, Vamp, Doctor Go.

Humans Featured: Murchison, Matt, Nick, AJ, General Newcastle.

Others Featured: Scales.

Particularly Glaring Errors: No way should a police car be that small in Cy-Kill's hands - the same one is big enough to pin Leader-1 seconds later (generally Gobots avoids mass-shifting). When the Renegades appear from behind a bookcase, whatever enclave they're in has no 'depth' lines drawn in and it looks like there's just a picture of them there. Crasher stops a security van to steal two small bags of money.

Moments of Actual Quality: Flip Top's excellent, and he basically turns the tide in this one.

Unintentional Hilarity: Matt's biker disguise. Sadly, the real gangsters are disappointingly normal. Well, not normal, but not as mad as you'd expect from Hanna-Barbera. Though Murchison dons what looks like a Nazi uniform when the army is ready. Cy-Kill has a headlight in motorcycle mode - 100% accurate to the toy, but because of the exaggerated, fully moving face on the animation model this feature looks about twelve times sillier than you'd think, with a beam of light projecting out of the top of his skull.


Flip Top prepares to deck Cop-TurNot bad, actually - the gangsters are obviously a little larger than life rather than particularly gritty, but this one doesn't insult your intelligence too often and skips along nicely. It even seems to have a lower Scooter/Nick/AJ content than usual.

Best of all, though, is Flip Top. He appears from basically nowhere, frees Matt, battles Cop-Tur while the shield generator is destroyed and then gets to dunk Cy-Kill and Crasher in the sea at the end. I always liked the toy, so it's nice to see he's actually rather good in the cartoon as well - that doesn't happen too often in this show.