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Jeff Seagle, Kelly Ward and Jina Bacarr
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Screw Head and Tank fire on TurboTurbo tries to destroy a scanner for Cy-Kill's latest super-weapon, but is spotted and attacked by Crasher, Tank and Screw Head. They lure him into an explosive trap, heavily damaging the Guardian. He's chased to the town of Barstow, and left for dead in a junk yard. The other Guardians search for him, but to no avail. Inert in his car mode, he's been found by two humans named Don and Greg, who plan to restore him and enter the Barstow Grand Prix. They're baffled when he self-repairs in their garage. The searching Guardians notice the same scanner attacked by Turbo, and Van Guard heads over to check it out. Meanwhile, Snoop spots Turbo at the Grand Prix, and Cy-Kill sends Crasher, Spoiler and Slicks to finish the Guardian off. Small Foot also decides to join in with the race. After being sabotaged by fellow racers Rick and Ned, Don and Greg then find themselves cornered by the Renegades.

Turbo limps towards BarstowHowever, Turbo automatically evades them, and then Spoiler and Slicks are prematurely returned by Astro-Beam. Elsewhere, Cy-Kill finally has his electromagnetic neutraliser ready to fire, but he and Cop-Tur are attacked by Leader-1 and Van Guard. Cy-Kill's beam is able to knock out power at the circuit due to Scales holding off the Guardians, but this causes Crasher to, well, crash. Then Leader-1 evades Scales and reverses the beam, causing the Renegades to retreat. The device is then destroyed. Greg and Don win the race in Turbo. Small Foot and Scooter then repair their comrade, who thanks the humans for saving him.


Rick and Don prepare for the start of the raceThis one would seem to be intended for airing later in the run - Small Foot is presented very much as a member of the UNECOM team on Earth, with Van Guard as a 'guest'.

Leader-1 calls Van Guard "Van" like it's his Christian name. Like Zod, Scales seems to be very low on intelligence (and once again the pet connection is made, albeit by Leader-1). Crasher has radar in her car mode, not that it does her much good. Don and Greg have heard of the Guardians, like most humans by now. Presumably Slicks and Spoiler were Astro-Beamed to Earth from Roguestar.


Crasher leads Slicks and Spoiler after TurboGobots Featured: Turbo, Cop-Tur, Cy-Kill, Crasher, Tank, Screw Head, Leader-1, Scooter, Small Foot, Van Guard, Snoop, Spoiler, Slicks.

Humans Featured: Don, Greg, Rick, Ned.

Others Featured: Scales.

Particularly Glaring Errors: Most of the racing scenes look pedestrian. The scrap worker doesn't question Don and Greg's claim that Turbo is theirs, or ask what he's doing in the trailer of a wrecked truck. Mind, Crasher, Tank and Screw Head run off rather than face the pair, and they take no notice of the giant robots chucking cars around a few yards away, so maybe they're a pair of hardcore mofos who no-one messes with. It's highly unlikely, I'll grant you... The episode never addresses why Slicks and Spoiler return ahead of schedule.

Moments of Actual Quality: The opening is nicely done, as is Leader-1 and Van Guard raiding the Renegade base. It's also marvellous that Crasher gets so caught up in the race that she's only interested in killing Turbo after she wins.

Unintentional Hilarity: Don and Greg... Oh dear. Don looks like a pedophile. Greg looks like no-one has ever looked. Not that Rick and Ned are any better. Plus the hilariously daft Scales is in it.


Cy-Kill's electromagnetic neutraliserActually rather good fun. It threatens to be a rerun of "It's the Thought That Counts", but is generally handled much better. Don and Greg are alright as Hanna-Barbera humans go despite their mad clobber. The extensions to the basic cast are welcome - Van Guard aside they might not do much, but it adds a little variety.

This is one of the few episodes to try having more than one thing on the go at a time, and there's some charm in Cy-Kill desperately trying to do something villainous while half his troops are off mucking around at a race. It's not dull, that's for sure.