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Jeff Segal, Kelly Ward, Peter Anderegg
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Small Foot relays the sighting to the othersTesting a new engine, Leader-1 and Matt beat Snoop and Nick in an air race. They return to UNECOM HQ, where General Newcastle tells them of the discovery of a type E4 planet in the Vega star system. He believes it's a new Renegade base, and sends the Guardians to investigate. Snoop is reluctant to go along, but is eventually persuaded to join them. The Renegades have enslaved the planet's population, forcing them to build a fuel processing plant. They're tipped off about the Guardians' intentions, but Cy-Kill has planned for this eventuality. He goes up in a Thruster to broadcast a phoney distress call, and attacks the Command Center. The Guardian ship crashes, but all onboard survive. News of this reaches Cy-Kill also. Leader-1, Small Foot and Matt set out to explore the planet they've landed on while Scooter and Nick repair the Command Center, with Turbo and AJ on guard outside. Scooter finds out that Snoop is a spy and is the one relaying updates to Cy-Kill. However, she knocks him out before he can inform the others, and heads outside to help with the search. Once the others are gone she heads into the processing plant. Soon after Leader-1 spots the complex, but is shot down by the Zods guarding it. Elsewhere, Small Foot is captured by Screw Head.

General Newcastle briefs the GuardiansCy-Kill and Scorp then attack the Command Center, knocking out Turbo, AJ and Nick. The Guardians are all imprisoned at the base, while the humans are put to work mining ore for the plant. Scooter has been forgotten about, though, and comes around aboard the Command Center. Small Foot manages to contact him and give the plant's position, and Scooter sets off to investigate. He slips into the mine using a hologram of Zod, and the humans work with the native slaves to escape. They take out Scorp with debris, then Screw Head and Cy-Kill. The Guardians are freed, and they all try to head out of the complex. However, Snoop chases after Leader-1, while Scooter contrives to get himself and a group of native miners stuck on a conveyer belt leading to a rock crusher. Leader-1 forces Snoop to crash into the machine's generators, saving Scooter and the miners in the process. The Guardians make good their escape, and leave in the repaired Command Center. The power plant is destroyed, setting off a chain reaction that destroys the entire planet. However, the Renegades have escaped on Thruster in the nick of time.


Zods patrol the Renegade baseSnoop is "the latest model, with all the latest accessories" (but weirdly uses a rifle, despite having the standard fist blasters too). For the plot to work this must be her first appearance (and it was her first to air; I've moved it back to find it in with the Small Foot episodes). She has presumably been masquerading as a Guardian on Gobotron for some time. The Zods are presumably destroyed with the planet.

It's difficult to make out on my copy of the episode, but Snoop appears to have USAF markings on her Blackbird mode - very weird considering they're omitted from all the Guardians.


Scorp chases down AJGobots Featured: Leader-1, Snoop, Scooter, Turbo, Small Foot, Scorp, Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur, Screw Head.

Humans Featured: Matt, Nick, AJ, General Newcastle.

Others Featured: Zod (at least four of them).

Particularly Glaring Errors: Snoop seems surprisingly fine about Cy-Kill trying to destroy the Command Center with her onboard.

Moments of Actual Quality: Snoop is great fun both as a preening, arrogant Guardian and later as a preening, arrogant Renegade. Scooter showing some initiative when he's the only free Guardian is a nice change too.

Unintentional Hilarity: Cy-Kill seems to have massive teeth and slant eyes in some sequences, very much like 1930s/1940s propaganda caricatures of Asians (particularly the Japanese) - the Yellow Toothed Peril?


Snoop fires on the GuardiansA very fun episode - obvious 'spy in our midst' fodder (cf. "Wolf in the Fold", among others), but nicely handled. The swaggering Snoop (who behaves basically the same way when undercover as when openly working with the Renegades later on) steals the show, but there are a smattering of good showings and some neat touches (Small Foot obviously enjoying charging around the desert, for example).

It's not big, it's not clever and it's not even particularly good, but it is rather fun.