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Staks reacts to another Renegade raid Sparky and Staks are taking surveillance components to Earth when they're attacked by the Renegades. They take the parts in order to complete their new base on Titan. On Earth, the Guardians want to find a solution to their raids, and pinpoint their stealth device as the major problem. Matt suggests asking Doctor Braxis for help, but he's been committed for mental issues. Matt visits him and offers him reinstatement to UNECOM if he helps. Braxis agrees, but he has gone completely mental. He diagnoses how the stealth device works, and sets up satellites to counter it. The Guardians send out a Command Center to lure the Renegades out from their Titan base, which is now finished and active. However, in the middle of their ploy Braxis gets loose around the UNECOM base, and he's the only one who can activate the anti-stealth satellites.

Zebediah Braxis in the mental hospitalThe Renegades prepare to attack, but Matt and Professor Von Joy are unable to catch Braxis and get him to the controls for his invention. Roguestar attacks the Command Center, which has to jettison its' dummy cargo and escape. Nevertheless, Roguestar is in place for the recaptured Braxis to activate the satellites, but they don't seem to work. Instead Roguestar begins disintegrating, so Cy-Kill orders an evacuation to Titan before setting off to Earth with Crasher. They find Braxis and take him back to Roguestar. The Guardians pick up strange energy emissions near Saturn and head into space to check it out. They find the Titan base and attack, while Braxis moves Roguestar out of range of his satellites. The ship stabilises and the Renegades abandon their Titan base accordingly. Braxis escapes from Roguestar in a shuttle and heads off for parts unknown.


Cy-Kill sleazes over CrasherCommand Centers can tow additional storage units. Crasher's enmity towards Fitor is seen once again. Braxis has been diagnosed as criminally insane, and transferred from Tri-State prison to a high security mental hospital. His Christian name is given as Zebidiah.

Apparently the Renegades' stealth device is a holographic projection that covers all degrees of the electromagnetic spectrum. Fitor doesn't seem to like Doctor Go much - either that or he can't resist a bad joke.


Professor Von Joy and Braxis work on the satellitesGobots Featured: Sparky, Staks, Cy-Kill, Crasher, Cop-Tur, Fitor, Leader-1, Turbo, Scooter, Professor Von Joy, Doctor Go.

Humans Featured: Matt, Braxis, General Newcastle, Nick, AJ.

Particularly Glaring Errors: There's something very wrong about Braxis being played for laughs when he's been diagnosed with mental problems, not to mention the intended jokes emanating from all the other cells. Would UNECOM really offer Braxis a role in return for his help? The guy's literally mad. Are they stupid, or is Matt lying? Doctor Go appears next to Leader-1 in UNECOM HQ after the Command Center escapes. Fair's fair, though, Von Joy then briefly turns up on Roguestar. How does Cy-Kill learn Braxis is behind the satellites? Sparky is coloured white as she leaves the Command Center on Titan.

Moments of Actual Quality: Both Von Joy and Doctor Go are on good form.

Unintentional Hilarity: Cy-Kill sexually harasses Crasher at one point. Seriously, when do you see him hug anyone else? He doesn't even hug Fitor. Professor Von Joy goes all sinister when Braxis calls him names - "In zer old days ve had vays of dealink vith his type" - Bloody hell. Matt briefly mistakes Von Joy for someone else - because UNECOM is crawling with 12-foot tall employees with Porsche windscreens for faces, right? Turbo being able to reveal his head in car mode is a dreadful moment.


Doctor Go meets Doctor BraxisMuch better than I expected, but then I expected twenty minutes of pain. There are some disturbing undertones to Braxis in this one, plus he's very irritating anyway.

However, a well-plotted storyline cushions the blow somewhat, and it's a good episode for the likes of Cy-Kill, Leader-1, Doctor Go and Professor Von Joy too. It's nice when the plot tackles a genuine problem, in this case the Renegades' stealth device, even if the reset-button nature of the show means nothing will happen about it.