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Cop-Tur hard at work Scooter, Nick and AJ have been captured by the Renegades at their new base near the Guatal cave dwellings. Cy-Kill plans to harness the strange energies in the area. Cop-Tur is searching for the source of energy, and finds a levitating human. The man introduces himself as Tinotchka and deflects his attacks before disappearing. Tinotchka then enters the Renegade base, and warns them against disturbing the balance of energies in the area. He disables their stealth device, allowing Leader-1 and Turbo to find the Renegade base. Crasher and Cop-Tur pull out, leaving Cy-Kill behind in the exploding base. The Guardians investigate the wreckage and find no trace of him. They head for UNECOM's Deep Sea Platform. Cy-Kill has survived, however, transported away by Tinotchka. The shaman has him in his lair, and tells the sceptical Renegade he's an immortal being with great magical powers. Cy-Kill deduces his powers come from statuettes of his past lives, and threatens to destroy Tinotchka if he doesn't help him. The magician agrees, and Cy-Kill sets out for the UNECOM platform with him. Tinotchka disables Leader-1 and Turbo, while Cy-Kill sets fire to the platform before escaping in Thruster.

Tinotchka enters the Renegade baseScooter has been captured, and finds that out of Renegade sight Tinotchka has released the other Guardians so they can escape. The shaman is also ageing rapidly now he's away from his lair, and things look set to get worse as Cy-Kill plans to head to Gobotron next. However, when the Renegades move into orbit, the planet disappears. Tinotchka has it miniaturised in his hand, and threatens to destroy it unless Cy-Kill returns him home. The Renegades agree, but once back in his cave Tinotchka destroys the token anyway. He then escapes with Scooter, and the other Guardians arrive to help. They battle the Renegades, and Scooter finds out that Gobotron hasn't been destroyed. Tinotchka disappears while the Guardians drive off the Renegades, but Scooter finds him. The shaman tells him that he simply changed the detectors on Thruster, and reveals his time is at an end. The statuette has disintegrated, and he blinks out of existence.


Scooter with the aged TinotchkaTinotchka's many feats, such as voodoo on robots, summoning sandstorms, tampering with detectors and monitors and being immortal are all presented at 100% face value. There aren't even any hints he might be an alien or something - in the Challenge of the Gobots universe, magic exists. Stupid, but we're stuck with it.

Cy-Kill doesn't like snakes.


Leader-1 and Cy-Kill battle in the Guatal cavesGobots Featured: Cy-Kill, Crasher, Scooter, Cop-Tur, Leader-1, Turbo, Fitor, Doctor Go.

Humans Featured: Nick, AJ, Tinotchka, Matt.

Particularly Glaring Errors: How high and long do Nick and AJ leap before they grab Cop-Tur's arm? For an immortal magical bloke, Tinotchka's pretty dumb showing Cy-Kill all his secrets.

Moments of Actual Quality: Cop-Tur's search for the source of the energy takes a back seat while he adds himself to a cave painting.

Unintentional Hilarity: It's too boring and po-faced for that.


Scooter with the remains of the statuetteUtter dirge. Tinotchka's just too overpowered and inexplicable to be remotely entertaining, the episode basically boiling down to a long sequence of him showing off. The story wants badly to be a 'magic versus logic' debate, but instead it's just Tinotchka performing cartoony feats of power.

Once again this is an episode where the Gobots could be anyone else from the 1980s action cartoon genre as their presence in this one is largely irrelevant. Trite nonsense, and very, very boring to boot.