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Zod is disabled and lands on Cy-Kill Zod and the Renegades attack a UNECOM early warning station at Niagara Falls, and the Guardians set out to stop them from doing any other damage. They're nearly defeated when an alien named Aloric arrives and disables Zod, before using his staff to freeze some parts of the battle and save the remaining Guardians. Cy-Kill sees this and wants Aloric's powers for himself. He grabs the alien and leaves. Aloric is on a mission to bestow his great knowledge on a worthy being; Cy-Kill pretends the Guardians are evil in an attempt to persuade the alien that he is that being. The Guardians search for Aloric, and track him to Thruster.

AloricCy-Kill has persuaded Aloric to hand over his staff so it can be used against the Guardians. Leader-1 is nearly defeated, but Matt manages to snatch the staff from Cy-Kill. Scooter and Nick grab Aloric, but Matt is knocked out. The Renegade uses the threat of the staff to negotiate safe passage from the battle, and the Guardians leave with the injured Matt. Watching them at the hospital, Aloric realises he made the wrong choice and uses his powers to save Matt from death. He tells the Guardians his mission, but then they are attacked by the reinforced Renegades. Aloric is able to retrieve his staff from Cy-Kill, and sends the Renegades to the moon. His life-force is nearly spent, and he offers his knowledge to Leader-1. The Guardian leader turns him down, saying the gift should be shared with everyone. Aloric tells him he's passed the final test and takes them to Gobotron's computer moon, where his knowledge is placed so it can be accessed by all. He then joins his people on a higher plain of existence.


Cy-Kill with Aloric's staffThis episode features Tork appearing as a Renegade thug, before his later appearances as a Guardian. Thinking about it, the appearances aren't exactly incompatible, especially when you move outside the framework of the broadcast dates. There's some precedent for Gobots switching sides (Steamer being the most obvious, with a possible on Royal-T too), so maybe Tork defected at a later point, and then had to go through the Guardian Academy before becoming a full operative and going on an adventure to Atlantis. It's a possible, even though this obviously wasn't the intention.

Blades is based on the Night Fright figure - it's possible this was an early name (the toy wouldn't come out until 1986, and has a different colour scheme), or it's possible it got mixed up with the toy-only Renegade Bladez.


Blades and TorkGobots Featured: Leader-1, Scooter, Turbo, Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur, Crasher, Tork, Blades.

Humans Featured: Nick, AJ, Matt.

Others Featured: Zod, Aloric.

Particularly Glaring Errors: Presumably Aloric's powers can't see through ham acting. The appearance of Tork and Blades is largely pointless.

Moments of Actual Quality: Some good fight scenes between the regulars, especially Turbo and Crasher.

Unintentional Hilarity: Anyone not see the final test's nature coming a mile off?


Leader-1 protects Scooter and Nick from the Renegades"The Gift" is low on particularly abject moments, but it's also low on imagination. The plot is highly predictable, and if you're surprised by anything on show here you should probably start worrying. However, at the same time it's inoffensive and chugs along fairly nicely, with many of the more irritating aspects of the series downplayed.

Aloric is probably about as good as aliens would get in the series for whatever that's worth, but ultimately the episode is rather forgettable.