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Scooter, Leader-1 and Turbo in the Powersuits After a raid on a silicon warehouse is broken up by the Guardians, Cy-Kill hatches a plan to get Leader-1 onto his side. Fitor suggests the engineers of the planet Fabricon might be of some help. There Doctor Go strikes upon the idea of building an exo-suit that would control Leader-1, made in the shape of his Powersuit to fool the Guardian into wearing it. He works with the inhabitants of Fabricon to build the suit, and a Photon key which is needed to release whoever uses it. The Renegades create a meteor shower to draw the Guardians into action while the suits are switched onboard the Command Center by Doctor Go. However, he's forced to leave the real suit in a storage room on the ship. The Renegades then send a huge asteroid towards Earth, and the Guardians fetch their Powersuits to combat it. Leader-1 realises something is wrong as soon as he puts his on, but is unable to remove it before his personality is inverted. Turbo and Scooter set off to stop the meteor themselves, while Leader-1 heads off by himself. The Guardians succeed in saving Earth, and try to contact Leader-1. He claims to be on a secret mission, but is actually meeting Cy-Kill.

IDEA!He returns to take part in an important demonstration at UNECOM HQ, but instead walks off with the AIL device that was being demonstrated. He then helps the Renegades break into UNECOM's Computer Center and helps them collect data on Gobotron's security arrangements. Meanwhile, Turbo calls in Zeemon and Path Finder to help work out what's happened to Leader-1, and they tell him he's been declared a Renegade. The Guardians then detect the Renegades and attack them, but Leader-1 helps Cy-Kill, Crasher and Cop-Tur escape. He then assumes leadership of the Renegades and plans an assault on Gobotron, using the AIL circuitry to bypass the planet's defences. However, Cy-Kill has escaped from Roguestar with the help of Fitor and goes to meet with the Guardians, giving them the Photon Key. He shows them the location of the real Powersuit to prove his story. He Astro-Beams back out, and Leader-1 arrives to take the Command Center for his plan. He's tricked by one of Scooter's holograms, restrained and frozen with nitrogen. They use the key to remove the suit, and the Guardians masquerade as his prisoners to get them close to the Renegades. The Renegades are taken in and briefly captured, but manage to escape with Roguestar.


Leader-1 usurps Cy-KillDespite Cy-Kill's claims, the exo-suit looks nothing like any of the Powersuits - for a start it looks like a suit. However, Hanna-Barbera choose to completely revise the designs so this isn't a problem. Cheats. I guess they could be improved models or something, but this is the only episode these ones are seen in. Cheats.

Doctor Go and Cy-Kill both use a personal stealth device (see "Pacific Overtures"). Path Finder can fire beams from her visor. Roguestar's bridge can be ejected - presumably it's intended as an escape pod. The truck Scooter disguises himself as bears more than a passing resemblance to you-know-who.


Cy-Kill goes to the GuardiansGobots Featured: Cop-Tur, Cy-Kill, Leader-1, Crasher, Turbo, Scooter, Fitor, Doctor Go, Zeemon, Path Finder.

Humans Featured: AJ, Nick, Matt, General Newcastle.

Particularly Glaring Errors: How does Crasher get behind Turbo (and so far behind him) in the warehouse fight at the start? And just how damn big is the building anyway? Doctor Go has Leader-1's face when he steals the real Powersuit. Why doesn't Cy-Kill just get the chap from Fabricon to build the Renegades exo-suits?

Moments of Actual Quality: Leader-1 punches a meteorite to bits. It's a great touch having Fitor once again stay resolutely loyal to Cy-Kill.

Unintentional Hilarity: Doctor Go has God-knows-what done to him by Scooter, Matt, Nick and AJ in the confrontation near the end.


Doctor Go gets... attacked...As dodgy as the name suggests. How many times to they do the 'Cy-Kill either replaces or corrupts Leader-1' storyline? Enough that everyone should twig when he starts acting weird, anyway. This isn't one of the best takes on the idea either.

Then there's that silly ending with the Renegades being caught and then immediately escaping, which seemingly only exists to make me panic that it might be set between "Battle for Gobotron" and "The Gobotron Saga", and is blatant padding in a limp script. Very poor.