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Jeff Segal, Kelly Ward and Eric Lewald
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Van Guard and Doctor Aelois try to hide the condenser from Cy-Kill Doctor Aeolis shows UNECOM his new bionic condenser, able to shrink humans down to a tiny size and keeping them in suspended animation inside a small globe. However, the experiment is seen by the Renegades, who head to the lab and steal the device. Cy-Kill uses it to capture Earth's entire population, and heads to Gobotron in order to use his captives against the Guardians. He declares himself Overlord of Gobotron, and outlaws the Guardians. Turbo, Matt and Zeemon manage to get the rough whereabouts of the globes containing Earth's population, but are tracked and captured soon after transmitting the information to Leader-1's Command Center.

Overlord Cy-Kill broadcasts to the population of GobotronLeader-1 and Scooter manage to sneak onto Gobotron, and try to sneak into the vault where the globes are held under the cover of holograms. However, the ruse seemingly fails and they're chased off by Fitor and Bad Boy. Cy-Kill threatens to destroy a globe containing a billion humans unless Leader-1 is handed over to him in 48 hours, and destroys another to prove he's serious. A horrified Zeemon requests Leader-1 hands himself in to prevent further deaths, and he agrees. Cy-Kill then sentences all captured Guardians to death. However, Leader-1's surrender is a ruse - Nick and AJ appear and free the Guardians, and the Renegades are taken by surprise. They retreat, and Aeolis restores Earth's population - Leader-1 and Scooter having switched the globes with fakes when in the vault earlier.


Turbo and Zeemon are capturedOne of the generic Gobots seems to be heavily based on a Macross Valkyrie. Small Foot and Heat Seeker probably only got in there by accident too, though there's no real reason they shouldn't be there - the rest of the crowd are just generics (except from Scorp; see the errors section below).

My copy of this episode is missing about the first minute, so I'm guessing that Aeolis is Greek due to his name and what his accent is probably meant to be - if anyone can confirm or correct this, please contact me =)


Bad Boy and Fitor bring in the captive Leader-1Gobots Featured: Turbo, Scooter, Leader-1, Van Guard, Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur, Crasher, Bad Boy, Zeemon, Professor Von Joy, Fitor, Heat Seeker, Small Foot, Blaster, Geeper-Creeper.

Humans Featured: Doctor Aeolis, AJ, Nick, Matt, General Newcastle.

Particularly Glaring Errors: If the condenser only works on organic matter, shouldn't everyone's clothes be left behind? The first shot of the Guardian HQ on Gobotron shows Zeemon, Von Joy and a second Zeemon coloured like Von Joy. Then it just shows two Von Joys next to Zeemon, and they pretty much stay put as a cut-down version of the Guardian council. Seeing as Von Joy gets no lines and isn't referred to by name, it would seem his character model somehow got mistaken for a Guardian generic. Scorp can be glimpsed in the crowd shot among the Guardians and civilian Gobots. Zeemon, Turbo and Matt appear to hide out on a barn in the middle of some woods. On Gobotron.

Moments of Actual Quality: Fair play to Zeemon, he gives it a go this episode. It's nice to see him stretch his legs a bit too (cf. "Doppelganger").

Unintentional Hilarity: The ending is laughably clumsy.


Cy-Kill is defeatedAn especially stupid device of the day, a far-too-simple take-over of Gobotron and a tacky arse-pull ending which render the previous ten minutes pointless and nonsensical means this one's fighting an uphill battle. However, Cy-Kill's brief tenure as Overlord of Gobotron is quite well done as he seems to take it all very seriously, while Zeemon and Van Guard both get a little work done in the midst of it all.

Still not very good even relative to the rest of the series, but it's more daft than actually particularly bad.