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Lee Yuro and Linda Yuro
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Cy-Kill overloads the Brainstormer Turbo and Scooter lead Cy-Kill into a trap. His Renegade guards are driven off and he's captured by a force of Guardians. Back at the Command Center he proves capable of blocking their Brainstormer. They plan to head to Gobotron to modify the device. A Renegade attempt to free Cy-Kill fails, and a furious Fitor devotes all the Renegades' resources to rescuing his leader. They find he's being taken to the planet Elba. Cy-Kill is to be imprisoned there for a week under guard while Scooter modifies the Brainstormer. Meanwhile, Fitor contacts UNECOM, requesting amnesty for himself and Geeper-Creeper, offering a Thruster and a stealth device as a show of good faith. On Elba, Cy-Kill is able to exploit Royal-T and Street Heat's dislike of their assignment and control them. Gobotron receives a distress call from the planet, where Street Heat and Royal-T have sided with Cy-Kill and are attacking Van Guard and Heat Seeker. Royal-T cancels the SOS, but Scooter guesses something isn't right.

Royal-T and Street Heat escort Cy-Kill to his cellTurbo heads to Elba with a Guardian team, taking the restrained Fitor and Geeper-Creeper along to test their resolve. Unknown to them, though, Crasher and Cop-Tur are tracking the Command Center from a shuttle. On arrival they're jumped by Cy-Kill, Street Heat and Royal-T. Fitor calls in the shuttle, and Cy-Kill tricks General Newcastle into allowing him passage to Earth in the Command Center. However, Leader-1 is suspicious of the reasons given. Back on Elba, the captured Turbo, Van Guard and Heat Seeker escape thanks to Matt and drive off Royal-T and Street Heat. Turbo manages to get to Earth via Astro-Beam, but Cy-Kill is still able to begin his attack. Leader-1 then arrives in a Command Center, and Cy-Kill aborts the invasion. The Renegades escape in the Thruster, while the stealth device they left has failed under Anya's testing. Everything seems nicely wrapped up until Turbo realises he's left Matt on Elba.


Fitor demonstrates the stealth device to Leader-1Fitor outright states here he's second in command, and takes charge in Cy-Kill's absence. Elba's location is top secret. The last time we saw Royal-T (in "Flight to Earth") he was with the Renegades - it's a reach, but maybe he defected like Steamer did? No? Cy-Kill can do a perfect imitation of Turbo, and shows off his prodigious mind control talents again. Leader-1 is very cynical this episode - maybe he learnt his lesson in "Pacific Overtures"?

Elba is, of course, named for the island off Tuscany where Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled by the British in 1814 (he escaped in February 1815).


Cy-Kill, Royal-T and Street Heat fire on the GuardiansGobots Featured: Turbo, Scooter, Leader-1, Cy-Kill, Geeper-Creeper, Block Head, Heat Seeker, Path Finder, Crasher, Cop-Tur, Fitor, Van Guard, Royal-T, Street Heat, Spay-C, Hans-Cuff.

Humans Featured: Nick, AJ, Matt, Anya, General Newcastle.

Particularly Glaring Errors: There's a weird bit when either Cy-Kill or one of the converted Guardians guns down Geeper-Creeper - Turbo compounds the error by calling him Night Ranger, who isn't even in this episode. The Guardians are very harsh on Royal-T and Street Heat - while they're obviously pissed off with the Elba assignment, Cy-Kill takes over their minds and there's no indication they regain their free will before they're taken down. Weirdly, Cy-Kill, Fitor and Geeper-Creeper are using handguns when they get to Earth, despite the restraining bolts being explicitly fake.

Moments of Actual Quality: Most of it, but especially Turbo forgetting about Matt.

Unintentional Hilarity: Not much, this one's just good.


Leader-1 confronts Cy-KillAn excellent little episode. It's very well plotted, being one of the few Gobots scripts to have more than one thing happening at any one time, and gives a much bigger picture than when we have the same three on each side. Nobody has to act stupid for it to work, and Cy-Kill is presented as a real danger.

The only thing that leaves a bitter taste in my mouth is the treatment of the Guardian "traitors". It might just be because they're two of my favourites, but the crap they're given when the Guardians regularly let people off for all sorts is a bit rich.