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Cy-Kill and a reluctant Crasher parley with the GuardiansThe Guardians succeed in destroying a Renegade base, but the Renegades now have portable stealth devices. The Guardians become even more confused when Cy-Kill lands and offers a truce, before proposing a peace conference. Leader-1 is wary, but accepts. Turbo is furious, and storms out. Preliminary talks begin in Gobotolis, and Turbo snoops around the Renegade delegates. He's attacked by Scales, and both are detected by security forces. Cy-Kill demands Turbo is destroyed, but is forced to back down when Scales is spotted too. A full conference is arranged to take place in Vienna. Cy-Kill releases a pair of Guardian prisoners as a goodwill gesture, but at the hand-over Scooter tries his stealth decoder and finds that Cy-Kill has Tank, Screw Head and Geeper-Creeper with him as well. However, the decoder fails almost instantly, and Cy-Kill has Turbo returned to an unhappy Leader-1.

Hans-Cuff and Night Ranger oversee negotiations on GobotronLeader-1 dismisses Turbo's concerns again, but nevertheless assigns him to the Vienna conference. With help from Matt, Nick and AJ he finds an old secret area at the proposed venue, and they overhear Cy-Kill's plan to use the stealth devices to wipe out the Guardians. The Renegades spring their trap at the signing of the peace treaty, going invisible and then attacking. Turbo and Scooter arrive, with the decoder working, and this turns the tide, though Cy-Kill destroys the decoder before escaping. Leader-1 apologises to Turbo for doubting him, and proclaims his team-mates to be heroes.


Preliminary talks in GobotolisThe prisoners held by Cy-Kill are unnamed generics. There's a rare instance of Doctor Go actually fighting in this episode.

The episode title is a slightly bizarre reference to the opera, rather than describing the location of the episode, probably regarding Turbo and Crasher's difficulties in adapting to the truce. That the whole thing is a sham undermines this a little. What with Leader-1's Neville Chamberlain impression ("Peace in our time!") this is surprisingly literate...


Van Guard and Dozer restrain Turbo and ScooterGobots Featured: Tank, Geeper-Creeper, Leader-1, Wrong Way, Turbo, Scooter, Screw Head, BuggyMan, Cy-Kill, Crasher, Hans-Cuff, Night Ranger, Van Guard, Dozer, Professor Von Joy, Doctor Go, Path Finder, Scorp.

Humans Featured: General Newcastle, Matt, Nick, AJ.

Others Featured: Scales.

Particularly Glaring Errors: You'd think Zeemon and Good Knight would be involved in negotiations given their senior roles, but neither appears. Good Knight didn't often anyway, but Zeemon is a regular fixture - very strange in an episode with a relatively large cast. Only Cy-Kill, Crasher and Cop-Tur are seen escaping to the Thruster at the end. Crasher then randomly appears from behind a pillar inside the conference building in order to laugh at Leader-1... what? Most irritatingly, after this episode the personal stealth devices are never seen again. The plan only fails through a fluke (Nick discovering the spy-hole), and the things have less fancy applications anyway (like all the Renegades using them and just flying to Gobotron and killing everyone while invisible). Scooter's decoder is destroyed... So why are they just forgotten about? Scales is much smaller than he was in "Invasion from the 21st Level"; about the same height as Turbo, rather than twice his height.

Moments of Actual Quality: Von Joy is reading a massive book on the journey to Earth. Crasher throws an antique chair at Leader-1.

Unintentional Hilarity: Cy-Kill carries a little white flag around with him.


Leader-1, Professor Von Joy and Dr. Go  oversee the peace treatyChallenge of the Gobots never gave Leader-1 quite the heft, say, Optimus Prime had, but this is probably the most unflattering he's shown to be. He has his head in the sand for the whole episode, is ineffectual in battle until bailed out by Turbo and Scooter, and then desperately claims it's a victory for the team at the end. What a muppet.

However, that sort of thing marks this one out as an interesting episode - maybe a little obvious on repeat viewing, but still nicely done and with some good little action scenes. Bizarre coda, mind.