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Cy-Kill kidnaps Shaun from his mother A blind psychic child named Shaun has a premonition that he's going to be taken away, and this is reported to UNECOM. The Renegades, however, attack the UNECOM complex where he's being kept and kidnap the boy. The Guardians vow to recover him, and set out for Triton after UNECOM probes discover the Renegades have a base located there. However, this is reported to Cy-Kill, who wants Shaun's mother also, by Major Benedict. The Guardians find the Triton base empty, while Thruster appears and attacks the Earth orbit station where Mrs. Roberts is located. Benedict shuts down the shields, and the lone Guardian on the station, Turbo, is unable to prevent Mrs. Roberts' kidnap. Benedict, however, is abandoned, and discovered by General Newcastle.

Mrs Roberts imprisoned inside CrasherCy-Kill straps Shaun into the Brainstormer, where the Renegades see images of the Guardians being defeated. He sends his troops to attack the UNECOM base, take Benedict and draw the Guardians into a trap. The Guardians are seemingly defeated, but Scooter was using his holograms to trick the Renegades. They bring in the Command Center and attack Cy-Kill's hideout. The Renegade threatens to overload the Brainstormer unless he's allowed to escape, and Leader-1 reluctantly agrees. Cy-Kill then overloads it anyway, but Benedict shuts down the machine. The Renegades get away, but Shaun survives - albeit without his psychic abilities. The Guardians take Shaun, now no longer in danger, home, but have forgotten that Van Guard was encased in concrete by Block Head.


Block Head searches for ShaunThe Renegades have a base on Triton (as in the real moon of Neptune) - whether it's genuinely abandoned, or is just empty for their ploy, is unknown. UNECOM have a space station in Earth orbit. Benedict is interrogated at UNECOM Base 7. Block Head is stupid even by stupid Renegade muscle standards.

Shaun developed his powers after a car crash cost him his sight. His psychic abilities are accepted at face value in this episode, and it would seem he's actually part of UNECOM's network. Hopefully they get Van Guard out of that concrete at some point.


Van Guard: cool entranceGobots Featured: Cy-Kill, Crasher, Cop-Tur, Pincher, Block Head, Leader-1, Scooter, Turbo, Van Guard.

Humans Featured: Shaun Roberts, Mrs Roberts, Nick, AJ, Matt, Major Benedict, General Newcastle.

Particularly Glaring Errors: The dialogue very much makes it sound like the Guardians are only interested in rescuing Shaun so his powers aren't used against them. Cop-Tur speaks with Pincher's voice at one point. Scooter is shown to have blasters later in the episode (unless he's just projecting holograms of blaster fire?).

Moments of Actual Quality: Is that the Command Center being used as something other than a glorified shuttle? Took them long enough... Not sure if it's actual quality or not, but it's quite surprising (given the way the show generally operates) that Shaun losing his precognition doesn't magically restore his sight. Think about the poor kid now - I doubt UNECOM are interested in him now he's not got his powers, and now he's just blind, seemingly with a single mum to boot. Don't you just love a happy ending?

Unintentional Hilarity: Where to start - psychic powers, the unfortunate way everyone treats Shaun like a resource, or do we just go with the episode title itself? Of all the things they could have called an episode revolving around a blind psychic, they go for "The Seer". Nice.


The Command Center attacksUrgh. Even within the context of Challenge of the Gobots, the random introduction of some kid with psychic abilities feels like something out of left field, and somehow jars more than aliens with powerful staffs, pyramid-shaped planets and giant spider-webs.

The fact Shaun is also deeply annoying hardly helps. The part where he temporarily escapes the Renegade base and heads stumbling out only to be recaptured by Crasher disguising her voice is probably meant to be plucky, but instead it's darkly hilarious. Aside from that, only Block Head comes out of this with any kudos.