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Rest-Q and Heat Seeker, under attack at the industrial outpost The Guardians are on patrol when they receive a distress call from Rest-Q, under Renegade attack on an industrial outpost. They manage to drive Cy-Kill's troops off, but the outpost is wrecked. Renegade attacks are beginning to have an effect on Gobotron's trading, so Leader-1 sets Scooter the task of improving the Guardians' detection equipment. The latter calls his human friend Billy for help, who offers some prototype parts to Scooter. However, Cy-Kill picks up the transmissions and decides to trick the new detectors. Scooter's device picks up an attack heading for the Guardians' Spa Moon, and the Command Center heads to help. However, it's a false alarm and Zeemon chides them for causing needless panic. Scooter is dejected at his failure, but detects another attack, this time directed at the Moon of Knowledge, but after Leader-1 again issues an alert it proves to be another non-event. A furious Zeemon demotes them to cargo escort duties. With them out of the way, Cy-Kill heads to Earth, causing chaos and trying to capture Billy and forcing him to work for them. Scooter sees this on his video link, and tries to tell the others.

Scooter contacts Billy for helpThey disbelieve him because of the two previous false alarms, so Scooter sets off in a shuttle by himself to help Billy. The Renegades capture the human, but Scooter gives chase, disguising his shuttle as a cloud, and follows them to a new underground base on Earth. The other Guardians soon miss him, and guess he's headed for Billy's lab. The Renegades begin using the Brainstormer on Billy, But Scooter sneaks in and frees him. They manage to escape into the base's tunnels. Leader-1, Turbo and Matt arrive, having located the base with Scooter's detector, but are caught in a pit. Scooter and Billy rescue them, and they call in the Command Center for support. Cy-Kill withdraws in Thruster, and everyone apologises to Scooter.


Scooter tries out the new detectorAmong Gobotron's satellites are Spa Moon, complete with oiling machines, polishers and that kind of thing and seemingly ran by Spay-C, and the Moon of Knowledge, a huge library. The librarians (and visitors) all seem to be organic - Zeemon notes that scholars from every corner of the galaxy were there at the time. The mainly Earth-based craft used by Leader-1, Turbo, Scooter et al. is referred to as Command Center #1, assuming they use the same one the whole time.

Scooter and Billy have been friends for a while. The panel Nick' looking at would seem to imply the Command Center has at least four shuttles. According to Cy-Kill, the Brainstormer can work on disconnected (i.e. dead) brains as living beings.


Spay-C complains from Spa MoonGobots Featured: Leader-1, Turbo, Scooter, Rest-Q, Cy-Kill, Crasher, Cop-Tur, Fitor, Heat Seeker, Night Ranger, Scratch, Cop-Tur, Zeemon, Spay-C.

Humans Featured: Nick, AJ, Matt, Billy.

Particularly Glaring Errors: What exactly is Billy? He seems to be a highly intelligent scientist and have a giant laboratory all to himself, but he looks about 20 and even Cy-Kill calls him "little boy". Why are the Guardians such dicks to Scooter? Even a pissed-off Zeemon blames the untested hardware for the false alarms, and when Scooter reports a completely different problem (the attack has started, and he's actually seen it on a screen) the others all act like he'd lied, when he was just reporting what the detectors were saying. And yet Leader-1 leaps to the conclusion he's gone to Billy's lab even though he seemed to think Scooter was making the whole thing up. Even if the Command Center is very close to Earth, Cy-Kill must spend an awfully long time chasing Billy around that lab. When Rest-Q and Heat Seeker are attacked, they make generic crowd noises.

Moments of Actual Quality: Angry Zeemon is quite cool.

Unintentional Hilarity: No, you read correctly - the Guardians have a spa moon. Still, it's a nice touch that two of the Guardians getting some R&R are Rest-Q and Heat Seeker, injured in the opening battle at the industrial complex. Also, while Gobots is generally good at gender equality, Spay-C is left running a moon-sized massage parlour. Oh, my. Among the knowledge in Billy's mind is a cheerleader (who shows panty - fanservice in Gobots?) and some spot cream (Pimp-Off?!?).


Cy-Kill grabs BillyThe first half is passable, but it takes a big turn for the worse when the Guardians start being horrible to Scooter. Normally I'd be all for some cruelty to the little git, but here it just makes them look like idiots for getting two completely different set of circumstances mixed up.

It's also a shame that we get a look at the bigger picture, exploring a little of Gobotron's place in the wider universe, only for the focus to shift largely to Earth and the same characters we always see.