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Doctor Go tries to work on the upgraded  Astrobeam Cy-Kill is planning on removing the time limit from the Astro-Beam, but Doctor Go is ironically Astro-Beamed away before he can finish his work. Instead, the Renegades head to Gobotron and raid the Guardian facilities where a similar advance has been made. The Guardian security forces are easily overcome and they get the prototype - but can't get the blueprints for it. Deciding one of the guards, Sparky, is no longer useful Cy-Kill orders Steamer to kill her, but once out of sight he lets her go. The Renegades head back to Roguestar triumphant, after destroying the lab and the blueprints with it. They head to Hoover Dam to find a power source for the Astro-Beam. Leader-1 anticipates this, and sends Guardian patrols to every major powerplant on Earth. Steamer objects to Cy-Kill's plan to level a city for materials and quits. He goes to the Guardians, and tells of Cy-Kill's plans. Turbo and Scooter don't trust Steamer, but Leader-1 and Nick give him the benefit of the doubt. They head into the city ad are attacked by the Renegades. Steamer saves Nick in the battle, but Turbo remains unconvinced. However, news of his defection reaches Cy-Kill, who decides to change his plans accordingly and set a trap for the Guardians.

Steamer lets Sparky goCy-Kill congratulates a baffled Steamer on his good work, and the Guardians are routed. Steamer is rejected by the Guardians, who incorrectly believe he was in on Cy-Kill's plans, especially when a disk containing the Command Center's schematics are found on him. They try to imprison Steamer, but he escapes and spies on the Renegades. Cy-Kill is adding controls to construction vehicles to level the town, and Steamer takes this information back to the Command Center. With his help, they stop the vehicles, Steamer destroying Cy-Kill's control device. Leader-1 takes out the Astro-Beam prototype, and the Renegades retreat undertake a "strategic evacuation". Turbo apologises to Steamer, and Leader-1 welcomes him to the Guardians.


Turbo and Steamer scuffle in the Command CenterSteamer was created just for this episode, and isn't based on any toy from the line (none even come close). His alternate mode is a steam roller. It's a bit weird he was created for this episode when there were other underused Renegades kicking around - say, Crain Brain for example. Steamer isn't seen again after this one - maybe he then had to enrol (HAHAHAHAHAHA!) in the Guardian Academy?

There are some pools of water on Gobotron - Night Ranger falls in one. Whether it's naturally occurring or imported from Earth is anyone's guess, though. Cy-Kill has a forcefield - presumably he forgets about it a lot of the time... He can also exude corrosive gas and/or flames from his motorcycle exhausts - presumably he forgets etc. etc. and so on.


Cy-Kill tells his plan to Crasher, Cop-Tur and an aghast SteamerGobots Featured: Fitor, Screw Head, Steamer, Doctor Go, Cy-Kill, Crasher, Sparky, Night Ranger, Path Finder, Cop-Tur, Leader-1, Turbo, Scooter.

Humans Featured: Nick, AJ, Matt.

Particularly Glaring Errors: Sparky being quite so cowed seems very out of character compared to her feisty showing in "The Gobotron Saga". Okay, so she's every right to be scared of Cy-Kill, but begging Steamer for her life is less impressive. Why does Leader-1 destroy the Astro-Beam prototype? He makes no effort to recapture it, and even points out that it's Guardian property. What happens to the nearly-finished Renegade version? Doctor Go only had a couple more adjustments to make to it anyway.

Moments of Actual Quality: Steamer's just great. Decent character, well handled and - surprisingly - well-designed. It wouldn't be inconceivable to reverse-engineer a working toy from the animation model.

Unintentional Hilarity: Steamer: "I'm not going to let you destroy this city, you clowns!". He then blows up two blocks of flats to crush Cop-Tur and Crasher. The building where Cy-Kill's converted construction vehicles appears to belong to a company imaginatively named Machinery Manufacturers. Hmm, I wonder what they make?


Cy-Kill and Crasher under fireA simple idea done nicely. Steamer is well-defined and nicely sympathetic without being particularly weak, while Cy-Kill gets to be intelligent by using the defection against the Guardians while also putting the boot into Steamer.

Despite the Astro-Beam prototype being a macguffin the plot is good, or at least fast, even beyond the Steamer stuff, giving some action scenes to match the character stuff. One of the better episodes, though it's a disappointment they didn't do more with Steamer afterwards.