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Crasher turns the Astrobeam on the Guardians The Guardians unveil their new Proton Cultivator, designed to make barren land fertile. It works perfectly, but the test is observed by the Renegades, who attack. Leader-1 and Scooter engage them, while Turbo, Nick and AJ evacuate the watching VIPs. However, Crasher produces an Astro-Beam device and beams the pair (plus a hologram of Turbo Scooter was using in the fight) away. Cop-Tur steals the Cultivator, while the real Turbo searches for his comrades. The pair have materialised in a jungle, and spot the Renegades firing on someone - getting closer, they see that the targets are other versions of themselves. Putting aside the confusion, Leader-1 decides to intervene, and drives the Renegades off. However, their promptly capture them, believing to be a Renegade ploy. Meanwhile, the normal Cy-Kill has modified the Cultivator into the Proton Destructor, capable of turning metal into mush. Turbo is unable to make contact with Gobotron due to an ion storm, so it's up to him, Nick and AJ to stop Cy-Kill. Elsewhere, Leader-1 deduces he and Scooter are in a parallel universe where everything is reversed, even the controls inside the Command Center. They try to escape, but the evil Guardians fire at them with their captured Proton Cultivator, but the good Guardians get away, albeit damaged by the machine. Out of options, they decide to find the parallel Cy-Kill and ask for help.

Cop-Tur inadvertantly crushes a Proton DestructorBack on the regular Earth, Matt and a squadron of UNECOM jets prepare to attack Cy-Kill, but the Destructors weaken the planes and the attack is aborted. In the parallel world, Leader-1 and Scooter make contact with the good Renegades, and after a brief misunderstanding manage to convince Cy-Kill to listen to them thanks to the Brainstormer. They use their Cultivator to reverse the effect of the Destructor, and then the Guardians help them defend the city of Wen Kroy from their evil counterparts. The Astro-Beam then reverses and takes them back to their own Earth, just in time to save Turbo from the Proton Destructor. The Renegades withdraw, and Turbo is restored with the Cultivator.


Leader-1 feeling the effects of the DestructorThe UNECOM aircraft bear USAF markings - they probably just call in whichever division of the military they need for a specific situation.

The vocal moderation on the alternate Gobots is subtly different - the Renegades' more OTT mannerisms are dropped, and the Guardians have a harder edge and, well, OTT mannerisms (cf. "Tarnished Image"). Turbo gets Crasher's cackling persona, Scooter takes the Cop-Tur role of clumsy idiot; Cop-Tur has Turbo's brawling instincts, but Crasher is weirdly more in line with Path Finder's compassionate nature. The visual effect of the Proton Devastator resembles the Cosmic Rust from the Transformers episode of the same name, but then I suppose there are only so many ways of drawing metallurgical degeneration on cartoon robots.


The mirror Crasher separates Leader-1 and her comrade Cop-TurGobots Featured: Scooter, Turbo, Leader-1, Cy-Kill, Crasher, Cop-Tur.

Humans Featured: AJ, Nick, Matt.

Particularly Glaring Errors: The 'rust' on Leader-1 and Scooter keeps disappearing and reappearing. They also have the Wen Kroy background behind them when they reappear in whatever bit of countryside Cy-Kill's based in, the Astro-Beam footage having just been reversed. This one is actually noticeably lazy with reused footage.

Moments of Actual Quality: The evil Leader-1 shooting the evil Scooter is a habit the good one should pick up. Cop-Tur somehow managing to trample a Proton Destructor when operating it is great, especially the helpless little shrug he gives afterwards... Most of the time Cop-Tur's just sort of there, but every now and then he just does something stupid and you feel so sorry for him just for being that thick.

Unintentional Hilarity: Wen Kroy?!? And even then Leader-1 has to explain it to Scooter, the alleged brains of the operation. It's worth noting that no other names are reversed - it's not Retoocs or Rut-poc or anything.


Cy-Kill gets to be on the winning side for onceHanna-Barbera's trek (ho ho) through the backwater clichés of science fantasy continues with the dependable standby of the mirror universe which only mirrors things which aren't that complicated to do mirror fashion. It's rather dull, with neither altered faction that interesting.

The lack of variety through the whole episode is very tedious - aside from the dignitaries at the start and the UNECOM jets, we see nothing beyond the 'base' regulars, and it means the story feels strangely disconnected and even less vital than usual.