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Jeff Segal, Kelly Ward and Daniel Will-Harris
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Nywilak goes nova Pincher frees Braxis from Tri-State prison and takes him to Roguestar, where Cy-Kill puts the scientist to work. In response, the Guardian Security Council convenes on Earth to discuss defensive measures. Gobotron receives a distress call from the Nywilak system, where the sun goes supernova. Path Finder discovers this is due to a beam emanating from Earth, and the system is wiped out. After a further successful test of his beam aimed at Norrum, Braxis is discarded by the Renegades. Pincher returns him to Earth, which Cy-Kill is planning to destroy in sixty minutes. The Guardians desperately search for Roguestar, which has to turn off its' stealth device to fire the nova beam.

Cy-Kill threatens BraxisBraxis tries to warn people of the catastrophe, but is recognised and turned in to the police. News reaches the Guardians, who decide to listen to what he's got to say. Matt and Leader-1 take him to UNECOM HQ, where Braxis tells them of the beam's energy drain. They head to the location Roguestar was at when the Nova Beam was fired, and then project the firing position to destroy the Earth. They then manage to redirect a comet towards Roguestar, but Crasher and Pincher emerge and attack Leader-1. He escapes their attentions and manoeuvres the comet to deflect the beam, saving Earth. The beam overloads, and Cy-Kill is forced to jettison it from Roguestar before escaping.


The Renegades train the nova beam on EarthThis seems to be the first time Nick, AJ and Matt have seen Pincher - I guess they didn't see him face-to-face in "Return to Gobotron", but that places this ahead of any other Pincher appearances in continuity order. It also seems most likely to be set after "Invasion from the 21st Level".

The Guardians had a defence outpost at Norrum. Braxis has real estate investments on Earth (though you'd think they'd be taken off him as he's known as a traitor). He's presumably returned to imprisonment after this episode. The Guardians might be paid for their services, if you take a line from Leader-1 at face value.


Leader-1 and Matt search for RoguestarGobots Featured: Pincher, Scooter, Leader-1, Turbo, Cop-Tur, Crasher, Cy-Kill, Staks, Zeemon, Path Finder, Professor Von Joy, Good Knight.

Humans Featured: Doctor Braxis, Matt, Nick, AJ, General Newcastle.

Particularly Glaring Errors: The much-touted Security Council consists entirely of Good Knight and the surely-not-frontline-trooper-material Von Joy. Apparently Pincher dropping Braxis off, his arrest, return to Tri-State, the Guardians hearing of it and getting to the prison and getting him back to UNECOM HQ takes 30 minutes. If the Guardians get away from the exploding sun, Cy-Kill's too close as well, and is lucky his plan is foiled.

Moments of Actual Quality: The nova beam is quite well handled on the whole.

Unintentional Hilarity: Cy-Kill's gone to the effort of fitting Braxis' cell with a holographic harmonica player just to piss him off.


The Command Center chases after the cometA respectable enough episode with a pleasantly straightforward plan from Cy-Kill (blow up sun, destroy Earth - chapter 1 page 1 of The Mad Supervillain Bastard Handbook) and some passable detective work from the Guardians.

The only real problem is Braxis - the story has no real need for him beyond creating the beam (which Doctor Go or even Cy-Kill himself could have done) and then he just hangs around making 'hilarious' quips the whole episode. He contributes nothing in story terms and just irritates.