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Flip Top and Turbo fire on the meteor storm Micronesia is in danger of being hit by an intense meteor shower, so the Guardians destroy most of the objects in orbit. A few get through and land off the Marianas, causing a strange glow in the sea - it's actually the Renegades' new Starfish ship, which used the storm to slip by Earth's defences. They soon capture a freighter carrying titanium, and the Guardians arrive to investigate. They find nothing, the ship having been taken underwater and inside the stealth field of the Starfish, but two locals, brothers Woki and Katu, witnessed the ship's disappearance. The Renegades put the ship's crew to work, while Water Walk is sent out to find a ship carrying vanadium. Leader-1 suspects Renegade foul play, and calls in Dive-Dive for support. They begin escorting ships in the area, and Water Walk chooses to attack the SS Vega for its' cargo of vanadium.

The Starfish landsFlip Top is escorting the Vega, and engages, but the ship is too close to the Starfish and is sucked under, taking the watching Woki with it. The Guardian is unable to intervene, but rescues Katu and calls in his comrades. Dive-Dive heads down to investigate, but the stealth device stymies him. Elsewhere, Matt correctly identifies chromium as the next resource the Renegades need, and takes a decoy ship carrying the material with Turbo, Scooter, Nick and AJ, while Katu also sneaks aboard. Flip Top again takes guard duty, and Water Walk launches to capture the ship. It's again sucked under while Flip Top draws the Renegade away. The humans begin checking out the Starfish and covertly contacting the captured sailors. Turbo and Scooter make heir move, distracting the Renegades while Matt shuts down the shield generator. The sailors are returned to their ships in preparation, and the Guardians use the generator to protect them as the ships are returned to the surface. Dive-Dive arrives to cover Turbo and Scooter, before taking them back to the surface. The Renegades follow in the Starfish, only to find Leader-1 waiting with a naval flotilla. Defeated, they recover Water Walk and escape in Thruster, abandoning their new ship.


Water Walk receives his orders from Cy-KillThe Starfish is a huge ship, dwarfing the freighters it captures. Water Walk can lay a smokescreen, and literally walk (well, stand, but that'd spoil the flow... Ooops) on water courtesy of the floats in his legs.

The Guardian plan is codenamed Operation Dredge. Turbo and Scooter can just about squeeze into Dive-Dive, who has an opening bow for this purpose. It's not stated who the warships seen at the end belong to - they're probably American, and most likely US Navy - UNECOM are unlikely to justify having a fleet. Though they do have a very swish base in the area.


Dive-Dive reports for dutyGobots Featured: Scooter, Turbo, Leader-1, Flip Top, Cy-Kill, Crasher, Cop-Tur, Water Walk, Dive-Dive.

Humans Featured: General Newcastle, Matt, AJ, Nick, Woki, Katu.

Particularly Glaring Errors: Matt is wearing his sailor gear before they know they're going to be going to sea. Flip Top fires out of his air intakes rather than the weapons on the sides of his cabin.

Moments of Actual Quality: Leader-1 says "Danger is my business". That's pretty cool, even if it is melodramatic. There's something very cool about the Guardians operating in such a canny fashion too.

Unintentional Hilarity: Water Walk literally does the 'ner-ner' face/hand gesture to Flip Top.


The Starfish captures the VegaTremendous fun - a punchy action episode in which nearly everyone gets something to do. Flip Top and Water Walk chase each other all over Micronesia, Dive-Dive torpedoes something, Turbo gets one up on Crasher, Leader-1 gets to co-ordinate the whole thing and arrive with a fleet at the end... Even Scooter just shuts up and gets on with it.

The only fault is the two Marianas natives, who don't really do anything after initially spotting the ship sinking - Katu sneaking onboard the ship is especially pointless in the end. Still, a good, fun episode.