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Jeff Segal, Kelly Ward and Michael Reeves
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Heat Seeker and Road Ranger react to the news one of them is a spy Two top secret Guardian missions are foiled, and Leader-1 decides the only logical explanation is that there's a spy in either the Guardians. Their next mission is to guard a nucleonic powerpack until UNECOM are ready to install it. Leader-1 decides to use the operation to draw out the spy, with none of the Guardians knowing who's carrying the real powerpack. Leader-1, Turbo, Matt and Road Ranger make it to the UNECOM facility without incident, but Scooter, Nick and AJ are attacked by Renegades and lose the powerpack the Guardian is carrying. Cy-Kill plans to use it in his new polarity inverter. Turbo sneaks onboard the Thruster and learns of the Renegades' plans to invert the Earth's magnetic field. However, Cy-Kill spots him and knocks him out.

Turbo is spotted by Cy-KillThe other Guardians notice he's missing, and Heat Seeker claims Turbo must be the spy. Scooter's not having any of it, and guesses that Turbo would have gone to spy on the Renegades. He flies to Thruster and finds his friend, and the pair escape. Tired of accusations flying around, Leader-1 decides all the Guardians should return to Gobotron for brainstorming to discover who's the spy. However, the Astro-Beam is destroyed and he finds himself framed. Leader-1 is detained in a cell and taken to UNECOM for trial. On the way, Heat Seeker meets Cy-Kill, who tells him to assume his true form - Bad Boy, disguised by a hologram projection. However, Cy-Kill is actually Scooter projecting a hologram, and the Guardians chase Bad Boy, who's saved when the Astro-Beam reverses and takes him back to Roguestar. The other Guardians suspected al along, and worked together to force Bad Boy to reveal himself. They then head to the South Pole to stop Cy-Kill. The inverter is surrounded by a forcefield, but Scooter manages to shut it down, and Leader-1 destroys it. The Renegades retreat, and the Earth is saved.


Leader-1 is caught with the wrecked AstrobeamThe powerpack was designed by Professor Von Joy. Scooter can't swim, but he can die in liquid - it shorts his circuits. The Renegades' spying mission is codenamed Operation Inside View. The Guardians have mobile containment cells, one of which is carried by Road Ranger here. The hologram projector was designed by Doctor Go, and is probably based on the one used in "Tarnished Image" (here it's an internal circuit rather than an external device).

Heat Seeker's rear fin is shown to be split into a 'v' shape - inaccurate to the F-16 (but then the rest of Hanna-Barbera's rendering is hardly a precise technical drawing), and most likely the result of working from a mistransformed toy (it is possible to mimic this on the Heat Seeker figure).


Bad Boy is cornered by Road RangerGobots Featured: Turbo, Crasher, Leader-1, Scooter, Cop-Tur, Road Ranger, Heat Seeker (hologram only), Cy-Kill, Bad Boy.

Humans Featured: Matt, AJ, Nick.

Particularly Glaring Errors: Powerpack team 1 is Leader-1, Turbo, Road Ranger and Matt, powerpack team 2 is Scooter and the kids. Yeh, that's well balanced. Wouldn't a giant electromagnet muck up Scooter's circuits as much as the industrial waste would? It's pretty obvious that Heat Seeker is in some way the spy, due to all his lines being a slight on one or the other of his fellow Guardians. Bad Boy being Astro-Beamed out makes the Guardians' detective work pointless - they'd have known in a minute or so anyway. Not their fault, but it does make it look a bit redundant. You'd think for an operation like that Cy-Kill would have flown the spy in by Thruster given how unpredictable the Astro-Beam's reversal is.

Moments of Actual Quality: None, really.

Unintentional Hilarity: Turbo talks out loud to no-one in particular when spying on the Renegades. It's not a stylistic thing either, Cy-Kill replies to his line. AJ claims that Leader-1 is the last Gobot she'd ever suspect of being a spy, which is a bit harsh on Turbo, who she's driving at the time.


Cy-Kill with today's mad weapon that's never going to workThe 'whodunit' aspect doesn't really work - it's a good move to include both Road Ranger and Heat Seeker as it obviously wasn't going to be one of the Big Three, and to have a less prominent Renegade as the spy (if, say, Cop-Tur was missing it'd be more obvious), but did they have to give Heat Seeker such sniping dialogue (especially when he's been so chirpy in other episodes)?

It chugs along nicely enough, even if the battle at the South Pole feels tacked on and superfluous, but if you can't guess the culprit straight off the bat you should probably see someone.