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Jeff Segal, Kelly Ward and Michael Charles Hill
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Busar and his guards On a routine patrol, the Command Center is attacked by Cy-Kill's Thruster. However, then a massive object appears and takes both ships onboard. Inside the huge vessel both groups are restrained, and find their captor is an alien named Busar, a self-professed talent scout. He takes them back to Kolob, and presents them to the Gamesmaster of the planet, Crespas. Both sides are to be pitched against each other in the intergalactic games. Their ships are soon missed, and both the Guardians and Renegades organise search operations. On Kolob, the two groups are pitted against each other in the arena, while the humans are locked up.

The captured GobotsOther robotic prisoners offer to donate parts so Nick can make a device to cancel out Crespas' remote, which is controlling the Guardians' restraints. Elsewhere, the search parties meet each other, and after a brief misunderstanding realise what's happened. Back on Kolob, Nick's device works, and the Guardians are able to punch a hole in the arena roof. The crowds flee, the Renegades escape and the Guardians free the prisoners. The various ships leave Kolob, with Busar chasing after the Gobots in his own craft. The Guardians and Renegades make contact with their respective rescue teams and make good their escape, leaving Busar facing financial ruin.


Hans-Cuff plans a search partyCop-Tur has eye beams. Scooter's ambition is to be a librarian. Busar's ship is massive. Small Foot is glimpsed quickly on the Command Center, where she seems to replace Scratch for a second.

Crespas has had members of a huge number of species captured for the games, and a wide variety come to see them (there even seems to be a human giving odds before the Guardian/Renegade battle).


Cop-Tur battles Path Finder in the arenaGobots Featured: Leader-1, Turbo, Scooter, Path Finder, Cy-Kill, Crasher, Cop-Tur, BuggyMan, Hans-Cuff, Blaster, Screw Head, Fitor, Scratch, Tank, Small Foot.

Humans Featured: Matt, Nick, AJ, General Newcastle.

Others Featured: Busar, Crespas.

Particularly Glaring Errors: Fitor and Screw Head just blink out from in front of their console. The dialogue carries on, someone just forgot to place the cels over the background and they just disappear. I can just about buy that Nick can fashion such a device, but where does he get the nice casing and buttons from? Tank briefly replaces BuggyMan in the arena on Kolob. The establishing shot for Fitor and Screw Head shows Gobotron, but Cy-Kill refers to them being based on Roguestar as usual - not necessarily an error, but I wrote a paragraph speculating some areas remained occupied in the wake of "The Gobotron Saga" on the back of that and am now pretty pissed off.

Moments of Actual Quality: Not so much quality, but it's nice to see usual stay-at-home types Hans-Cuff and Fitor get out and about.

Unintentional Hilarity: One of the prisoners is a light-bulb with arms and legs. No, seriously.


The prisoners are freedA predictable variation on that old Star Trek plot that seems to turn up in everything vaguely sci-fi, the intergalactic Roman Gladiatorial games. The fight scenes are dull, the plot relies on a few coincidences and the escape isn't the most convincing.

The search parties also feel like padding - I'm always interested in seeing a few different faces, especially if they get to use some initiative instead of making the numbers up, but all they really do here is turn up and escape with the A Squads - Leader-1, Cy-Kill et al. would have been just the same if they hadn't bothered.