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Dive-Dive saves the UNECOM ship from a waterspout In Antarctica, Professor Frost and his nephew Sidney have perfected their Climatizer, a weather-control device. Elsewhere, a team of Guardians are trying to recover a UNECOM satellite, unaware the Thruster is lingering above. However, the Climatizer causes a shift in the Earth's magnetic field, causing Thruster to withdraw. Dive-Dive and Nick locate the satellite, but the ship the others are in is struck by multiple waterspouts. Dive-Dive is able to push the ship to safety, and the extreme weather disappears. Back at UNECOM HQ, General Newcastle explains the whole world is suffering from freak weather conditions. Frost calls them to claim responsibility, and declares the Climatizer for sale to the highest bidder. The transmission is also picked up on Thruster, and Screw Head traces it to the South Pole. Frost's base is protected by an energy field, but Cy-Kill simply gets Screw Head to drill underneath it, and they take control of the machine. He contacts UNECOM to tell them he will start a second ice age unless UNECOM severs its' ties with the Guardians within three hours.

Frost broadcasts his termsThe Guardians also track the disturbances, and Turbo and Leader-1 prepare to attack. Cy-Kill incapacitates them with a tornado, and then freezes the pair. Scooter and Dive-Dive move in onboard the Command Center; however, the energy field disrupts its' controls and sends it crashing through the ice. The deadline is nearing, so Dive-Dive heads in by himself. He finds Frost and Sidney, left to freeze by Cy-Kill, and takes them onboard. With their help, he's able to disable the Climatizer from underwater. The Renegades retreat, and Leader-1 and Turbo are thawed out. Professor Frost and Sidney are arrested for their crimes.


The ClimatizerDive-Dive's lament about how there's not much use for a submarine on Gobotron confirms the planet has no significant equivalent to water (some is shown later, but it tends to be far underground in abandoned areas). As a result, he loves his visits to Earth. His alternate mode is a one-man mini-sub rather than the ICBM-capable version his toy is modelled on. According to Screw Head, Dive-Dive hasn't seen action in decades (placing this one before "Depth Charge").

Scooter gets seasick. Obviously. Cy-Kill can fire energy beams from his eyes, and enjoys Gobotic Rodeos. Frost was kicked out of the military development programme for being mad. This is one of only two episodes not to feature Crasher.


Leader-1 with Dive-DiveGobots Featured: Turbo, Dive-Dive, Scooter, Cy-Kill, Screw Head, Cop-Tur, Leader-1.

Humans Featured: Professor Frost, Sydney Frost, Matt, Nick, AJ.

Particularly Glaring Errors: You have to wonder two things about Dive-Dive - firstly, why he was given an alternate mode that's no use on his own planet; secondly, seeing as he's so happy (and useful) on Earth, why isn't he stationed there permanently, instead of just being called up whenever the Guardians don't fancy getting the Command Center wet? Isn't it lucky, considering the forcefield, that Cy-Kill has Screw Head along instead of Crasher, like he never usually does?

Moments of Actual Quality: Dive-Dive's tremendous fun, while Screw Head and Cop-Tur make a great double act.

Unintentional Hilarity: Do you think Professor Frost felt obliged to create a weather controlling machine to make his name apt?


Leader-1 and Turbo are caught in a tornadoThe premise is wobbly and derivative, and the basic plot can be worked out within the first three minutes of the episode. However, some surprisingly winning characterisation means this one isn't too bad - Dive-Dive takes centre stage, and his relentless enthusiasm even when he's given the most mundane jobs is refreshing.

Similarly, Screw Head gets a great work out here, and gets some great sniping interplay with the similarly thick-headed Cop-Tur. You really feel for Cy-Kill sometimes, being lumbered with such a pair of idiots.