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Jeff Seagle, Kelly Ward and Don Glut
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SentinelCop-Tur and Crasher trash a factory that's working on a prototype laser cannon designed to stop the Renegades. Back at UNECOM Headquarters, Anya shows the Guardians Earth's new top secret defence, the robot Sentinel. They hook the thing up to UNECOM's global computer network to make it all-knowing, and then obviously it declares them all inferior lifeforms and begins to attack. After dusting the Guardians, it takes off through the base's roof and then announces via television it's going to wipe out all organic life on the planet. Cy-Kill offers Sentinel an alliance, and the robot begins attacking a city, knocking the Guardians out again in the process, and burying the Command Center. Scooter flees, while Turbo and Leader-1 are seemingly destroyed.

Reinforcements from Gobotron - Heat Seeker ang BlasterThough they were blatantly holograms projected by Scooter. Amazingly, though, it fools Sentinel and the Renegades, who move on, taking out New York, Washington and Boston. Reinforced by Blaster and Heat Seeker, the Guardians intercept Sentinel in the Grand Canyon. They deal with the Renegades easily, buying time for Scooter to contact Gobotron and request the Power Suits are sent to Earth. Courageous easily beats Sentinel, while Leader-1 points out to the robot that Gobots are part organic. Enraged at being deceived, Sentinel chases the Renegades into space. The Guardians are happy that he's off to wipe out organic life on some other planet.


The Renegades over the Grand CanyonCop-Tur can spin his rotor when mounted on his back, where it functions as a shield. The star Gobotron orbits has been flaring, interfering with the Guardians' Astro-Beam technology. Their engineering teams seem to combat this by building deflector panels of some description. Gobots have internal repair systems. Leader-1 mentions their part-organic status to Sentinel - a D-Alpha frequency scan shows their organic brains (which are huge, filling the robot heads).

This is one of the rare occasions outside the "Battle for Gobotron" mini-series that the Command Center is seen walking.


Courageous batters SentinelGobots Featured: Crasher, Cop-Tur, Scooter, Turbo, Leader-1, Zeemon, Cy-Kill, Blaster, Heat Seeker.

Humans Featured: AJ, Matt, Nick, Anya.

Others Featured: Sentinel, Courageous.

Particularly Glaring Errors: No, seriously, the characters actually have little enough genre savvy to not see the whole Sentinel thing going arse over tit. Zeemon's speech about how Leader-1, Turbo and Scooter are stuck on Earth by themselves is delivered to Leader-1, Turbo and Scooter, who are standing next to him on Gobotron... I know Hanna-Barbera weren't keen on drawing other Guardians, but really... Scooter's holograms, not for the first time, can speak, and later tops even that when Cy-Kill collides with a holographic pile of rocks... Unless there's a huge onscreen death count, purifying cities just seems to involve making people evacuate.

Moments of Actual Quality: Pretty much none.

Unintentional Hilarity: It's generally too stupid to be funny.


Crasher's brainAhhh, the inevitable Donald Fuckwit Glut strikes again. A stupid, obvious plot that requires everyone to act like morons to even vaguely work means this one's a write-off - if you didn't guess how the episode would unfold from the second you see what Sentinel is, congratulations, you're the first retarded monkey that can work a web browser.

This being Glut, the stupidity doesn't stop there, notably the way he genuinely doesn't seem to know what a hologram is. Unforgivably dire, and the ending (with Leader-1 heartily hoping Sentinel goes off and commits genocide somewhere other than Earth) is genuinely appalling. And calling up Courageous if you've just seen "Ultra Zod" is a mite repetitive...