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Jeff Segal, Kelly Ward, Ken Cinnamon and Karen Wengrod
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The Guardians are stopped by the pyramid forcefield The Renegades take over the planet of Tri-Ceti, and enslave its' tiny inhabitants. News of this reaches the Guardians, who head there in the Command Center. On arrival, Leader-1, Turbo, Matt and AJ are trapped in a forcefield projected by the Trindles. It dissipates when the Renegades attack the natives, so the Guardians intervene and save them. They deduce the Renegades are after the Triamulet that created the pyramid forcefield. Cy-Kill captures one of the Elders who has a portion of the Triamulet, and threatens his captives unless the other two are handed over. The other Elders surrender to protect their people.

Troylene and TrevorLeader-1 calls in Blaster and Path Finder for support, but the Guardians' attempts to recapture the Triamulet are repulsed by the energy pyramid. However, Cy-Kill's booster machine overheats, and he's forced to salvage the Triamulet and run rather than finish off the Guardians. Leader-1 and Turbo free the captured natives nearby, and then pursue the Renegades. In the next fight, Leader-1 is injured by a Zod, and the Guardians are forced to retreat. Back at the Command Center, a native named Trevor claims the only way of stopping the Renegades now is to destroy the planet. Reluctantly, a plan to do just that is devised, using antimatter detonators. The charges are laid, and the population evacuated. However, Cy-Kill works out their plan, and leaves in the Thruster, trapping the Guardians and the Trindles on the self-destructing planet with a forcefield...


Cy-Kill's device repulses Leader-1Tri-Ceti is a pyramid-shaped planet. Hey, don't have a go at me, I didn't write this stuff. Its' inhabitants are human-looking, but only about four feet tall. Destroyer is seen in his intermediate 'third mode', though he isn't seen in his robot mode so it could be an animation error.

The Trindle (I think that's the name) Elders complete each other's sentences. One of them is called Cyrus. Trevor's girlfriend is called Troylene.


Zods protect Cy-Kill's boosterGobots Featured: Cy-Kill, Crasher, Cop-Tur, Scooter, Leader-1, Turbo, Blaster, Path Finder, Destroyer.

Humans Featured: Matt, Nick, AJ.

Others Featured: Zod (three of them).

Particularly Glaring Errors: Again, a pyramid shaped planet? It's flat whenever anyone lands on it. Does that work?

Moments of Actual Quality: None.

Unintentional Hilarity: Not even much of this, either.


Crasher, Destroyer and Cy-Kill attackProbably one of the most embarrassing episodes to actually sit and watch. Challenge of the Gobots is generally at its' worst when a third species are brought into things, and the twee Trindles feel like refugees from the Care Bears or something. The triangular-themed naming of everything is wince-inducing too.

On top of this the whole thing feels very dull, repetitive and heavily padded. And there's a whole second episode of this to go through.