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Jeff Seagle, Kelly Ward and John Loy
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Path Finder is unable to stop Tank, Screw Head and Crasher from raiding a lunar mineA spate of raids by Renegades on both the Earth and the Moon result in a lot of rare materials being taken. Zeemon realises that Roguestar must have been moved to an Earth orbit, and the Guardians resolve to find it. Information from Path Finder leads Scooter to try finding the craft through its' gravitational pull, and rig a detection system to the Command Center. They almost immediately run into Roguestar, but are outgunned and have to hyperdrive away. The Guardians realise they will have to sneak onboard Roguestar to combat it. Path Finder develops a plan, and the Guardians lay in wait on a space station near a moon of Jupiter where the Renegades are likely to strike.

The Command Center finds Roguestar. Not the best idea...The first part of the plan works perfectly, as the station is taken onboard Roguestar with the Guardians inside it. However, Cy-Kill plans to melt it down for raw materials, and is overjoyed when he realises his enemies are in there too. Turbo is able to blast through the floor of the station and the Guardians escape into the ship. They plan to attach an Elron detonator to the ship's energy core, which Scooter sets out to locate while Leader-1 and Turbo hold off the Renegades and Path Finder plants the device. The Guardians then escape, while the Renegades try to work out what to do with the detonator. Cop-Tur is able to get it out of the ship, and Cy-Kill dumps some garbage into space, making the Guardians believe they were successful.


Leader-1Earth is sufficiently advanced to have ore carrying ships that can be manned by a single idiot, and orbiting stations above Jupiter's moons. There are at least six mines on the moon digging for materials, owned by Lunar Enterprises.

The writers finally come out and admit Anya is Russian. There seems to have been a thawing out of East/West relations since "Target Earth", as the Russians seem to have no qualms with contacting UNECOM about the Renegades, or sending Anya over to co-ordinate things.


The Guardians on RoguestarGobots Featured: Fitor, Cop-Tur, Path Finder, Screw Head, Crasher, Tank, Cy-Kill, Leader-1, Scooter, Turbo, Zeemon, Pincher, Scorp, Vamp.

Humans Featured: Anya, Matt, AJ, Nick.

Particularly Glaring Errors: To affect Earth's weather and gravity, Roguestar would have to be an awful lot bigger than it is. Zeemon's windscreen/face doesn't flash when he talks, staying illuminated the whole time. The door to the energy core has 'DANGER ENERGY CORE' written on it as if it's been done in felt tip.

Moments of Actual Quality: Scooter's improvising with the tractor beam is pretty cool.

Unintentional Hilarity: The steel workers look like gay stereotypes.


Path Finder at the energy coreDespite some very dicey science, this is a most enjoyable episode. Not only is there some fun action and some good characterisation, but the story is very straightforward - it's great to see the Renegades sticking to a simple plan of just stealing some stuff, and great to see the Guardians just try and take them out. They even leave Matt and company out of the main mission.

Plus this one probably counts as a win for the Renegades to boot, having tricked the Guardians into thinking they've been destroyed while incurring only minor damage. The larger role for Path Finder is a welcome bonus too, and even Leader-1 and Scooter are on form. Even the jokes are funny, such as Cy-Kill and Cop-Tur bickering about the detonator, or Crasher's attempts to explain to her leader that they have big problems. Rather good stuff.