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Jeff Seagle, Kelly Ward and Dale Kirby
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Leader-1 over Golden Gate BridgeCy-Kill shows his troops Doctor Go's new molecular transfusion gun, which can shrink anything. He plans to lure the Guardians into a trap and use it on them. However, their urban base is noticed by a kid Nathan, though nobody believes him. Responding to a threat from Cy-Kill, the Guardians head into the city, and split up to find the Renegades. Turbo is disabled by Scorp, Pincher, Scales and Crasher, and captured. Leader-1 and Scooter spot them, and give chase. They find the city base, unaware that Nathan is following them, and are shrunk in Cy-Kill's trap. The miniature Guardians still escape into the building's plumbing, however.

The actual LEader-1 and Scooter toys look much better...The flow of water takes them outside, where they're found by Nathan. The Renegades shrink themselves and also get into his house. A fight breaks out, but Nathan sucks up the miniature Renegades with a vacuum cleaner, with a little help from his cat. Nathan then throws the vacuum's bag into a garbage truck. Scooter then projects a full-size hologram of Crasher to fool Pincher and Scorp, ordering out of the room while Nathan enlarges the Guardians with the shrinking ray. However, before he can finish on Turbo, Cy-Kill returns and is accidentally restored. He takes Nathan hostage, and resizes his own troops. However, Turbo manages to sneak up on Cy-Kill and knock both Nathan and the transfuser out of his hands. Leader-1 restores Turbo, but the Renegades escape and attack the building in Thruster. The Guardians and Nathan survive, but the ray doesn't. The Guardians return Nathan to his astonished friends.


Cy-Kill with Dr. Go's shrinking rayThe Renegades have a base inside a tower block in the middle of a city (which is unnamed, but the presence of the Golden Gate Bridge proves it's meant to be San Francisco). John and Nathan have a Gobots poster on their wall (though the robot looks more like a Votoms Scopedog), and know who Cy-Kill is, reaffirming that Gobots are public knowledge (it's possible there are even toys being made, judging by Nathan's reaction... Ooooh, meta).

Despite being mentioned in the dialogue as the inventor of the molecular transfuser, Doctor Go does not appear in the episode.


Cop-Tur about to get vacuumedGobots Featured: Leader-1, Turbo, Scooter, Cy-Kill, Crasher, Cop-Tur, Scorp, Pincher.

Humans Featured: John, Nathan, General Newcastle.

Others Featured: Scales.

Particularly Glaring Errors: How long are Turbo's thighs when the Renegades carry him out of the tunnel? The interior of the city block base is almost Gobot-scaled - if it was exact, you could make a case for Cy-Kill building the whole thing somehow, but as it is they still have to duck for doorways and the like - really, they should have to crawl around. Cy-Kill's plan is solid in theory, but he then drops the tiny Guardians on a table, taking no precautions whatsoever, meaning they can easily evade his troops. I'm not entirely sure shrinking themselves is the best solution to the Renegades' problem either...

Moments of Actual Quality: I'm fairly sure Cy-Kill calls the miniature Guardians 'crap'.

Unintentional Hilarity: Even Cy-Kill admits that it's really Doctor Go's shrinking ray... An error in the title? Jesus. It's difficult to tell, what with my dodgy copy and Hanna-Barbera's dodgy renderings, but as Cy-Kill demonstrates the shrinking ray, vehicles that look a bit like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee can be seen from above... Maybe Don Figueroa and Guido Guidi were a couple of the sweatshop kids animating the thing? Cy-Kill then tests the thing on the one empty vehicle he can see in the street, and even restores it when the driver panics - what a rubbish villain he is...


Scales, Crasher and Cop-Tur go to workEvery bit as stupid as it sounds. A dull off-the-shelf plot is handled very badly, with Cy-Kill demonstrating stupidity above and beyond the call of duty, even by the standards of a 1980s cartoon villain. So much of this episode is just preposterous, even giving leeway to the shrinking ray itself - the weird tower block base, Cy-Kill's efforts to make things as difficult as possible, the only person noticing anything being Nathan...

To give credit where it's due, Nathan is less irritating than Nick and AJ - but then most things are. Apart from this episode.