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Jeff Seagle, Kelly Ward and Eric Lewald
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Yeh, this is going to end well...The Guardians are taking Matt, Nick and AJ to Gobotron for an important conference. Scooter takes the humans to visit Gobana beforehand, but are attacked and captured by Fly Trap and a mutant named Gorn. The humans are taken to Old Gobotron, and locked up to derail the conference. Leader-1 finds Scooter, and they set off to find the humans. However, the humans have escaped themselves, and run into Wrecks, a Gobot who organises gladiatorial contests in Old Gobotron. He makes Matt fight in one of the bouts, and despite the human's reluctance, he wins. He makes a deal with Wrecks - if he wins his next fight, the humans will be allowed to go free.

Fly Trap and Gorn, morons for hireCy-Kill arrives looking for them, but Wrecks delays him and lets the trio escape. The Renegades find out and attack Wrecks, but then run into Leader-1 and Scooter. The Guardians split up, but Scooter is cornered by Fly Trap and Gorn, but Matt spots this and helps out, fighting Gorn over the lava pits used in the contests, while some of the mutants take out Fly Trap. Gorn is killed, and Leader-1 is able to defeat Cy-Kill - again with help from the mutants. He offers to take Wrecks back up to the surface of Gobotron, but the old Gobot opts to remain and look after the mutants in Old Gobotron. The Guardians and humans return to the conference.


Mutants fight over the lava pitGobotolis is Gobotron's capital city (obviously), and Gobana is a nearby settlement - the latter is where Scooter was programmed. Leader-1 refers to 'modifier rejecters' - Gobotron inhabitants who decline to be modified into Gobots, and have mutated. He's been to Old Gobotron before, and didn't enjoy the place. According to Leader-1, the central ball of the planet is Old Gobotron - implied to be the original planet, which has been built around, leading to Gobotron's apple core shape. However, this doesn't really sit with the explanation given in "Cy-Kill's Escape", where the shape is attributed to a disaster. Of course, it doesn't outright contradict it either - the planet could have been built around Old Gobotron in a spherical shape, and then blown up, with Old Gobotron surviving the explosion relatively unharmed. Vague allusions are made to this being the humans' first trip to Gobotron, but at the same time it could be interpreted as their first visit to Gobana.

It's bizarre that they go to the trouble of inventing Wrecks (I'm taking the spelling from Cy-Kill's "I'll make your name come true, Wrecks!" threat; it sounds more Gobot-y than Rex or Wrex also) when several toys were never used in the series. The rough layout of his robot mode isn't a million miles away from Bull, a figure in the competing Convertors range. Wrecks used to be a fighter himself.


Cy-Kill confronts WrecksGobots Featured: Leader-1, Turbo, Scooter, Fly Trap, Cy-Kill, Zeemon, Wrecks.

Humans Featured: Matt, AJ, Nick.

Others Featured: Gorn.

Particularly Glaring Errors: Leader-1 lets Scooter and the three humans go off exploring and doesn't expect something bad to happen to them? Why don't the Renegades lock up Scooter as well, instead leaving him to be found by Leader-1? If the humans presence at the conference is vital, why are only Leader-1 and Scooter sent to find them?

Moments of Actual Quality: None, but it's worth noting that this is one of the few episodes to feature death, as five mutants get killed by lava - pretty unusual for this sort of fare.

Unintentional Hilarity: Matt drop-kicks a Gobot-sized mutant - into Fly Trap, to boot.


Wrecks and his mutant midgetsThe bizarre addition of a population of weird mutant things to Gobotron is an unwelcome one - it's nice to see more of the planet, but the relative lack of Gobots is a wasted opportunity. Old Gobotron is something of a slum ghetto, and the Guardians' attitude to it is very interesting - they basically tend to pretend it doesn't exist, make no attempt to help the creatures living there and then try and persuade the guy who's trying to make it a better place just to leave and come with them. Some of the fight scenes aren't bad, though, and there's a meaty role for Fly Trap (even if he is defeated and tied up by midgets) and a good guest character in Wrecks.

This is one of the few episodes not to feature Crasher and Cop-Tur, and Turbo has only a tiny, non-speaking part. It's a shame we get Gorn and a bunch of comedy mutants in their places, however.