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Jeff Segal, Kelly Ward and Lane Raichert
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Small Foot helps sabotage Roguestar's generatorsIn the face of Exor's large force, the Guardians flee, their weapons useless against the improved Insectoids. Instead of battling them, they manage to overload Roguestar's power generators, despite Blaster's Astro-Beam wearing off and returning him to Gobotron. Leader-1 and Small Foot escape, but are forced to leave Turbo behind. Now Exor understands Braxis' machine she tries to imprison him as well, but the scientist gets away. Leader-1 and Small Foot meet up with Matt and AJ, who sneak into UNECOM HQ and try to get help from Gobotron. Meanwhile, Braxis frees Scooter and Turbo on condition they take him with them. The Renegades also get free during the scuffle. Back at the UNECOM base, Matt and AJ manage to Astro-Beam Heat Seeker to Earth and escape.

Insectoids guard an unknown buildingSmall Foot and Heat Seeker create a diversion so Matt and Leader-1 can infiltrate Exor's base. Cy-Kill and Crasher get back to Roguestar, and ready their energy cannon on the Insectoids. Turbo and Scooter meet up with Leader-1, and let Braxis go as part of their deal. Scooter is able to get at the machine, and open up the portal to the 21st level. Exor manages to close it once again, but only after some of her her troops have been sucked through. She is about to finish off the Guardian when Cy-Kill begins bombarding the base. Exor returns fire, knocking the ship out. However, this gives Leader-1 time to open the portal again, and this time Exor and all her remaining troops are whisked away. Turbo then destroys the interphaser.


Turbo and Scooter caught by World in ActionExor's Insectoid reinforcements are soldiers, rather than the drones used in the first part - that's her story, anyway. The drones do seem to have the power of speech, but just don't use it very often. They seem to speak both English and Insectoid.

The human strangeness continues here - Matt and AJ turn up, but there's no sign of Nick. Again, it's not a bad thing, just a little unusual. Considering he doesn't make peace with Cy-Kill, it seems fair to assume that this episode also marks the end of Braxis' alliance with the Renegades.


Heat Seeker - is this the face of a sane Gobot?Gobots Featured: Leader-1, Turbo, Blaster, Small Foot, Cy-Kill, Crasher, Scooter, Cop-Tur, Heat Seeker.

Humans Featured: Dr. Braxis, Matt, AJ.

Particularly Glaring Errors: What exactly does Leader-1 do to the interphaser that makes it work better than the last two times?

Moments of Actual Quality: Does there not being a reset button at the end regarding Braxis count? No?

Unintentional Hilarity: As hinted at in the errors section, Leader-1 just seems to grow bored of the plot and decide to finish things off.


Leader-1 tells Heat Seeker and Small Foot to bugger off so he can hog the gloryWhereas the first part had a bit of zap, the second is just repetitive. Where Blaster was quite impressive last episode, it's back to normal for the guest Guardian as Matt and AJ sneak into UNECOM HQ in order to get hold of Heat Seeker, only for him to do nothing useful except to get them back out again. Well, wasn't that worth it?

And don't let the change of Braxis' status fool you - there's no character development, he just doesn't go back to Cy-Kill at the end. A big disappointment when a good one-part episode could have been made from the storyline. The ending is daft too.