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The Command Center crashes on the primitive planetOn patrol in space Scooter and Nick discover a new Renegade base being built, but are spotted. The Renegades give chase in a Thruster, and force their Command Center to land on an unknown planet. They manage to send a weak SOS to UNECOM, but crash before Scooter can give their exact position. Nick heads out to explore the strange primitive world while Scooter tries to repair the ship's radio. Amazingly, he gets in trouble and is chased by a three-headed monster. The thing totals the Command Center and chases the two idiots over a cliff. The Renegades find the wrecked ship and search for its' crew, but Nick and Scooter have already met the primitive humanoids who inhabit the planet.

Nick meets the monsterPredictably, the tribe of humanoids plan to sacrifice the pair to their god thanks to some magical weakening crystals. However, Scooter is able to simulate the deity with his hologram projector, and they escape. The watching Renegades decide to do the job themselves, chasing after the pair. Then Turbo and Leader-1 arrive, having tracked them down, and attack the Renegades. The outnumbered Guardians are soon under the cosh, but Scooter and Nick lead the three-headed monster into the middle of the fight, and it drives the Renegades off while the Guardians escape. Scooter tells them of the location of the Renegade base, and a force from Gobotron wipes it out. The primitives, meanwhile, have taken to worshipping a new god - Leader-1.


Nick and Scooter are capturedThe planet is in the Omega Prima system. Scooter might not be armed, but his fist can fire a utility energy beam - here it functions as a weak tractor beam. Pincher can activate chainsaw blades on his monster form, while Vamp has a pair of energy-draining beams on hers. Cop-Tur can fire force beams from his optics. The base the Renegades are building looks like another Roguestar in some shots - you have to wonder how the Gobotron forces wipe it out so easily, but can't do the same with the Roguestar itself...

Big chunks of the script are very similar to one of Glut's Transformers stories, "Dinobot Island".


The creatures try to sacrifice Team FailGobots Featured: Scooter, Cy-Kill, Crasher, Cop-Tur, Vamp, Pincher, Scorp, Leader-1, Turbo.

Humans Featured: Nick, General Newcastle, Matt, AJ, Anya.

Particularly Glaring Errors: Would UNECOM really let Scooter and Nick have such an important job, especially when Leader-1 and Turbo are standing around doing nothing? When Leader-1 and company are seen trying to work out where Team Fail are, their Command Center is shown already on the 'dawn world'. Why does Cy-Kill insist on finding survivors from the crashed Command Center, seeing as they'd be trapped on the planet? When driving through some boulders, Crasher very gently drives up into the air in a fashion obviously due to a badly aligned cel rather than an intentional touch.

Moments of Actual Quality: It's a Don Glut script.

Unintentional Hilarity: Scooter and Nick going over the cliff is painfully slow.


The Renegades attackTrite, obvious recycled trash. Just in case there was any chance of something being salvaged, our heroes for the week are cowardly Scooter (even more useless than usual) and Nick, who's simply too stupid to live. Like "Sentinel" you can guess basically the whole plot right from the off.

The episode basically has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Another round of shit sandwiches served up by Don Glut's eighties cartoon script machine.