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Jeff Seagle, Kelly Ward and Don Goodman
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OH NOES!!!!Cy-Kill, Crasher and Cop-Tur's Thruster jumps the Command Center in space, but they're beaten off. A strange vessel turns up and transports the Thruster away; intrigued, the Guardians follow. The ship is just one of a fleet, under the sole command of an alien named Al-Vanar, from the plant Nar-El. Cy-Kill is able to dupe the noble adventurer into believing the Renegades are being oppressed by the Guardians. Leader-1 is unable to convince Al-Vanar that Cy-Kill is lying, and the fleet heads off to 'liberate' Gobotron. The Thruster captures Industrial Moon Zeta 3 as a base, but Scooter and Turbo are able to sneak onto the surface and overhear Al-Vanar's plan to attack Gobotron tomorrow. The Guardians will stand no chance against his advanced technology.

Brave(ish) Guardians Staks and Wrong Way Scooter and Turbo try to sabotage Al-Vanar's ships, but Scooter accidentally activates one, which takes off. Cy-Kill gives chase and destroys the craft, but the Guardian survives. The fleet begins it's attack on Gobotron, and Cy-Kill reveals his true motives to Al-Vanar. The alien is imprisoned on his own flagship, but the flight computer will only take Al-Vanar's orders. After a little physical intimidation, the alien presses home the attack anyway - however, he was just moving close enough to the planet to boot the Renegades out within range of the Guardians' defences. The Thruster escapes anyway, and Al-Vanar apologies to the Guardians before leaving for new adventures.


"Access denied, bitch!"Wrong Way, obviously, has no sense of direction. Scooter has a high-powered listening device. The Guardian Federation Complex is located on the 'northern' hemisphere of Gobotron and the Planetary Defence Centre is on the 'southern' part. The entire planet is surrounded by what Al-Vanar describes as a 'low-density' energy field. He also refers to Guardian weapons being 'standard energy format' - obviously whatever civilisation he hails from are very advanced by comparison to the Gobots.

This episode was released on PAL VHS by Vestron in the UK, on the tape Renegade Rampage (with both parts of the title story). It was also issued on NTSC video in North America, on Challenge of the Gobots Volume 6, along with "Speed is the Essence" and "Cold Spell".


Yeh, he's totally the good guy, Al-VanarGobots Featured: Turbo, Leader-1, Scooter, Crasher, Cy-Kill, Cop-Tur, Staks, Wrong Way, Zeemon, Path Finder.

Aliens Featured: Al-Vanar.

Particularly Glaring Errors: Before Scooter and Turbo try sabotaging the ships, the Al-Vanar and the Renegades leave Zeta 3 in Thruster, but come back in Al-Vanar's flagship. Al-Vanar varies between being human sized and Gobot sized. His fleet descending to Gobotron is cheap even by the series' standards, being blatantly a flat cel dragged across the screen. Al-Vanar's ship being smarter than its' commander would have been a handy function quarter of an hour earlier...

Moments of Actual Quality: None whatsoever.

Unintentional Hilarity: How stupid is Al-Vanar? They're called Guardians and Renegades, mate... This is a particularly good episode for bizarre facial expressions, especially Cy-Kill.


FEAR AL-VANAR'S FLEETAn incredibly obvious storyline is enlivened by a complete lack of logic and scene-to-scene consistency in Al-Vanar's behaviour, especially at the end. His computer rejects Cy-Kill's orders (despite not really being shown before) and pulls guns on Cy-Kill... Then Al-Vanar begins the attack anyway... Then he throws the Renegades out so the Guardians can deal with them, despite it only being a few seconds later... Then the Renegades get away... But he's sabotaged their Thruster... But it works anyway... What? The only possible explanation for Al-Vanar doing any of this is either that he's even stupider than we ever thought, or that he's screwing with the Guardians.

And then there's that ending... Leader-1 postulates doing something about Cy-Kill. Scooter protests that he really can't be arsed. So they seemingly don't bother, and it just ends. Leave them on a high, right? Right?