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Jeff Segal, Kelly Ward, John Loy and Peter Anderegg
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Turbo, Small Foot and Scooter are fitted with PowersuitsTesting of the Power Suits is interrupted when the heavily damaged Command Center carrying Turbo and the others makes an emergency landing at the UNECOM HQ, with help from Leader-1. They inspect the four completed Suits, and Small Foot's picks up Fitor and Crasher's transmissions. They hunt down the Renegades and discover their Thruster. Meanwhile, Pincher returns to Roguestar with Vamp, Scorp and the crystals needed to power the transgressor. However, the Guardians have discovered his plans to invade Earth from Brainstorming Fitor and Crasher, and decide to strike first with the Powersuits and the repaired Command Center. Onboard Roguestar, the Master Renegade makes his move, knocking out Cy-Kill with the transgressor and declaring himself Renegade leader.

Scorp, Pincher and Vamp returnThe Guardian ship slips past the Renegade defences thanks to a stealth device taken from Fitor's Thruster, and the Master Renegade's inexperience at battles causes him to send the fleet of Thrusters in the wrong direction. The Guardians attack Roguestar in their Powersuits, but are intercepted by Pincher's ship. The Command Center's stealth device is knocked out in the fight, and they contact UNECOM for help. Cy-Kill regains control of Roguestar, and the Renegade defence becomes more organised. However, the tide is turned when the Last Engineer arrives in Courageous, shooting down Pincher's ship. He's then attacked by the Thruster fleet, recalled by Cy-Kill. The Powersuits combine with Courageous in response, forming a giant robot called the Power Warrior. The Thrusters are wiped out, but Roguestar manages to activate its' stealth field and get away. With Gobotron free, Zeemon congratulates the Guardians on their efforts, while Leader-1 and the Last Engineer reaffirm the need to stop the Renegades forever.


Cy-Kill is shot by the Master RenegadeLeader-1's Powersuit (P2 on the toys) increases his speed and protects him against intense heat; Turbo's example (P4) enhances firepower; Small Foot's suit (P3) contains a wide range of scanners; and Scooter's example (P1) has telekinetic circuits.

The name Power Warrior is later dropped and Courageous generally transfers across to being the robot's name (this is also the only time we see the central ship module being piloted by anyone; after this it seems to operate by remote).

This episode was released on VHS as part of an edited compilation, named The Gobotron Saga.


The Guardian Power Warrior in actionGobots Featured: Small Foot, Leader-1, Sparky, Turbo, Flip Top, Scooter, Path Finder, Defendor, Van Guard, Blaster, Rest-Q, Fitor, Crasher, Night Ranger, Destroyer, Cy-Kill, Tank, Cop-Tur, Screw Head, Pincher, Scorp, Vamp, Spay-C, Zeemon, Hans-Cuff.

Humans Featured: Matt, Nick, AJ, General Newcastle.

Others Featured: The Last Engineer, the Master Renegade.

Particularly Glaring Errors: Has Destroyer just been sitting in Thruster doing nothing for two episodes? He then just stands there while Scooter and Small Foot have a loud conversation. Where does Pincher get that ship from? He set off for Antares 3 in a Thruster, and it surely can't be the Master Renegade's - he arrived on the planet in a one-man shuttle and really can't have made something like that with the help of just Vamp and Scorp. Leader-1 has Matt, Nick and AJ pilot the ship while at least eight Guardians either sit in the hold doing nothing for the whole battle or are just left on Earth. Just after they trick the Thrusters, Matt has Nick's clothes on. Courageous suddenly looks just like the toy rather than having the completely different design used last episode (it's not just an intentional redesign, as Cy-Kill recognises it). In a short shot, Courageous can be seen shooting down Thrusters after it's combined with the Powersuits.

Moments of Actual Quality: The Master Renegade's attempted coup actually makes Cy-Kill look much better. Okay, so he gets taken out by a six foot tall bloke he knows is pissed at him and he knows has an anti-Gobot weapon, but the Renegades' plans actually all fall apart in the few minutes he's out due to the Master Renegade's blunders. This allows Cy-Kill to lose without looking too stupid.

Unintentional Hilarity: In the cartoon, Powersuits might be "one size fits all", but as anyone who owns the toys can tell you, the things are nowhere near as accommodating when it comes to action figures... Leader-1 biffing Fitor is hilariously low-rent.


The Guardians celebrateA suitably epic and slightly random conclusion to a decent arc of episodes. 'The Gobotron Saga' is far from faultless, but it's the best Gobots multi-parter, actually justifying its' length and featuring a lot of fun stuff.

The last episode sags in a couple of places, notably the Powersuit show-off sequence on Earth, and it's a shame Sparky suddenly gets shoved out of the way in favour of the regulars, but generally it's very enjoyable stuff.