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Jeff Segal, Kelly Ward, John Loy and Peter Anderegg
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Courageous is chased into hyperspaceLeader-1 is too weak to fight off Crasher and Fitor, but Turbo flattens them with a chunk of machinery, allowing the Guardians and their allies some respite. The Last Engineer's lab is capable of converting into a ship, Courageous, and gets them off the planet, though Turbo is left behind. Meanwhile, Cy-Kill orders the Master Renegade to make him a Transgressor weapon that will work against the humans, but he claims he needs parts from Antares 3. He will only command Vamp and Scorp to co-operate if he's made ruler of Gobotron. He sends Crasher, Fitor, Cop-Tur and Tank after Courageous in a pair of Thrusters. Turbo sneaks aboard Cop-Tur's ship and knocks out Tank in time to save Courageous, but is knocked unconscious. On Roguestar, Doctor Go modifies a captured Gobot to resemble the Last Engineer's creations, naming it Pincher. The new Renegade is sent to Antares 3 to recruit Vamp and Scorp for Cy-Kill's cause.

Doctor Go's creation, PincherOn Earth, General Newcastle is informed of the fall of Gobotron, and gives the Last Engineer the resources to complete the Courageous system. Meanwhile, Scooter and Sparky manage to get to an abandoned Command Center in orbit. They find it is being used as a holding facility for captured Guardians, including Turbo. Scooter tampers with the ship's computers, deceiving the Renegade guards into thinking it's about to self-destruct, and they abandon the Command Center. The pair free the prisoners, and set course for Earth. Crasher and Fitor are already there, and observe the testing of the Last Engineer's new weapon - the Powersuits. However, Cy-Kill is almost ready to invade Earth.


Turbo is threatened by Twin SpinCourageous is a Power Ship the Last Engineer was developing before he went into suspended animation, and is capable of travelling in hyperspace. It's part of a weapons system, along with the new Powersuits.

Screw Head has also had a redesign since "The Battle for Gobotron", with a new, more human face. This would later be revised again, with a visor replacing the little eyes he has in this story.

This episode was released on VHS as part of an edited compilation, named The Gobotron Saga.


The Guardian prisoners are freedGobots Featured: Crasher, Fitor, Small Foot, Leader-1, Turbo, Cop-Tur, Tank, Fly Trap, Water Walk, Scooter, Sparky, Block Head, Bad Boy, Geeper-Creeper, BuggyMan, Screw Head, Doctor Go, Path Finder, Rest-Q, Wrong Way, Night Ranger, Defendor, Twin Spin, Royal-T, Spoiler, Blaster, Flip Top, Van Guard.

Humans Featured: Matt, Nick, AJ, General Newcastle.

Others Featured: The Last Engineer, the Master Renegade.

Particularly Glaring Errors: Royal-T is shown to be a Renegade - it's possible, I suppose, that he changes sides after this, but still...

Moments of Actual Quality: Once again the resourceful Sparky impresses.

Unintentional Hilarity: Wrong Way has his arm in a sling.


Fitor and Crasher spy on UNECOMThe plot continues to take intriguing turns, even if once more there are a couple of plot devices employed. Still, the Guardians largely come off well in this one with all their little struggles. While Cy-Kill shows some initiative to get around the Master Renegade's demands.

There's a fair quota of action scenes along the way, and a general feeling of the Guardians as a resistance movement results in some tense moments.