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Jeff Segal, Kelly Ward, John Loy and Peter Anderegg
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Rest-Q and Scooter observe the injured TurboThe Guardians set out for Antares star system, but they are overheard by Fitor. Cy-Kill realises this gives him the chance to rescue the other Renegades. Meanwhile, the Guardians arrive on Antares 3 and follow their detectors to a volcano. Leader-1 and Matt head in to investigate, but extreme weather conditions force the Command Center to withdraw. On the planet, the volcano has become active, driving Leader-1 further inside. They find a chamber containing a sleeping man in a cryogenic unit, but are attacked by two strange Gobots. Leader-1 and Matt are knocked out and placed in a cell. Outside, the storm lifts and the Command Center heads back down to the volcano. Unable to contact the others, Scooter, Path Finder, Blaster and Flip Top head in to find them.

Vamp and Scorp attackThey manage to battle past the mutant guards. The pair head back to the cell, hoping to us Leader-1 and Matt as hostages, but the recovered Guardian knocks them out. He and Matt meet up with the others, and they head back to the chamber containing the cryogenic unit. Scooter hacks into the device, and relays footage from Gobotron's history. It shows the man inside escaping the planet, and now he awakens. The Guardians think he's the Last Engineer, and he repairs Turbo for them. They take him back towards Gobotron. However, on their way the Command Center is attacked by Cy-Kill's Thruster. He demands they hand over the Last Engineer. However, it turns out their passenger is actually the Master Renegade, who then takes Small Foot hostage.


Path Finder leads out the Guardian search partyVamp and Scorp first show up here, created by the Master Renegade to guard the chamber. Vamp can fire controlling beams from her eyes, and has a shield. Leader-1 refers to the pair as mutants. They sell anyone they capture on the intergalactic slave market. Whether they actually have any organic components, or are just highly advanced machines, is unknown. This episode pretty much cements 'The Gobotron Saga' as happening ahead of most other episodes as a result of their introduction here.

The early Gobot seen in Scooter's projection strongly resembles Crasher's toy, and once again the humanoid race who preceded the Gobots are seen. The Master Renegade has a cybernetic eye.

This episode was released on VHS as part of an edited compilation, named The Gobotron Saga.


An early Gobot battles on GobotronGobots Featured: Leader-1, Scooter, Cy-Kill, Fitor, Rest-Q, Turbo, Path Finder, Vamp, Scorp, Blaster, Flip Top, Crasher, Cop-Tur, Small Foot.

Humans Featured: Nick, AJ, Matt.

Others Featured:
The Master Renegade, the Last Engineer (flashback).

Particularly Glaring Errors: Where's Small Foot for most of the episode? She's unseen for numerous scenes where she'd have been helpful (e.g. searching the volcano), only turning up when Turbo is revived.

Moments of Actual Quality: The Master Renegade has an awesome voice.

Unintentional Hilarity: Cy-Kill's grin when the Master Renegade reveals himself is priceless.


The Master Renegade reveals himselfA little more hokey and a little slower, but there's some well thought-out backstory in this one regarding the Gobots, and the Master Renegade's reveal is very well handled. Vamp and Scorp are also an interesting pair - while they're never shown to be this powerful again, the episode at least gives them a solid debut.

It still moves along at a decent old speed even if it is a slight letdown after the first part, with some good fight scenes and the odd light smattered of characterisation raising this one above the standard Gobots fare.