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Alan Burnett, Jeff Segal and Tom Ruegger
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ZodheadCy-Kill takes the Command Center away from the junkyard to supervise the launch of the Zod fleet. Turbo arrives and helps Leader-1 disable Zod, while Anya comes up with the idea of recharging him from the Renegade monster. Meanwhile, The Command Center returns to Cheyenne Mountain, allowing Scooter, Nick and AJ to sneak around the base. On Gobotron, the Guardians have defeated Fitor's Renegades, but Path Finder realises it will all be in vain if the Zod armada is launched from Earth. Under the guise of Cy-Kill, Scooter is able to take over the main control room of Cheyenne Mountain. However, Braxis realises what he's doing, and runs off to find the real Cy-Kill.

Caged Renegades The Zod fleet is launched, while Leader-1 and Turbo arrive at Cheyenne Mountain. A battle between the Guardians and the Renegades develops in the corridors of the base. Crasher and Cop-Tur are disabled, while Matt cops off with Anya. Cy-Kill escapes, destroying the pulsar generator on his way to spite Braxis. This makes the Sorium unstable. However, Leader-1 has a brainwave, and uses the Astro-Beam to transport the Sorium into the path of the Zod fleet, wiping them out. Braxis is arrested by the military, while Matt, Nick, AJ and Anya slip away on the Command Center with the Guardians.


The Goon SquadThis episode is the fifth of a five-part mini-series - effectively a pilot for the Challenge of the Gobots series, though in practice it was simply broadcast in five parts at the start of the series' syndicated run. The whole five-parter was released in compilation form (with the intervening credits and recaps removed) on VHS, simply titled Gobots. This was released on Vision Video Limited's Kideo Video label on both sides of the Atlantic, with promotional art of Baron Von Joy (who wasn't in it) slapped on the front. I'm working from this release for the reviews, and while the fades are left in, I've had to go with best guesses for where one episode ends and another starts - feel free to contact me if I've made an error with this. The whole mini-series is often referred to simply by the title of the first episode - "The Battle for Gobotron" (which is also the onscreen title on the video compilation).

Zod can be deactivated by lobbing something at the button on his chest - a rather slavish reference to the toy's action feature which makes little to no rational sense within the series. Hans-Cuff can project a restraining forcefield from his lightbar. Blaster is shown (for the only time) in his orange colour scheme, with a character model much closer to his toy design. Nick and AJ can drive tanks - must be the NASA training.


Cy-KillGobots Featured: Cy-Kill, Leader-1, Scooter, Turbo, Crasher, Cop-Tur, Hans-Cuff, Tank, Fitor, Geeper-Creeper, BuggyMan, Dozer, Zeemon, Spay-C, Rest-Q, Path Finder, Blaster.

Humans Featured: Nick, Matt, 'AJ', Doctor Braxis, Anya.

Others Featured:

Particularly Glaring Errors: Loco and Tank (from the back) can be seen with those being briefed by Path Finder.

Moments of Actual Quality: Leader-1 totalling Zod with the car crusher is actually rather neat.

Unintentional Hilarity: The hole Cy-Kill leads in that random fuel tank is awesome.


Command CenterOnce again, it's pacey. The plot falls apart at the end, with more focus on efficiency rather than logic, while the rather limp battle with Cy-Kill and Leader-1 fizzles. However, it does cover a lot of ground, and gets the boring stuff out of the way for the series.

Overall the "Battle for Gobotron" mini-series is dross, with some very shallow characters, languid action, contrived actions and very, very low production values. It's at least an episode overlong, and tends to jolt from plot strand to plot strand with little thought to coherence.