As well as their mind-numbingly awful annuals World Distributors also produced a series of four books under their Mini World imprint. They're largely rubbish but - unlike World's other output - have a strange set-up. Matt and an (adult caucasian) A.J. run the ASC with the good Gobots as their vehicles. There's no clear sign that the latter are sentient and more often than not they're given simple descriptions rather than names. Oh my. The bad guys seem to be sentient, the usual Renegades pairing up with good old Doctor Braxis. Oh my.

All four books were also released on tape by Tempo - I'll try to get them converted soon.

Champions of Lixil

This one features Cy-Kill trying to rig some sort of robot space hockey game in order to inconvenience Matt and with a prominent role for Scooter is basically the same as an episode of the cartoon. Surprisingly good research by World's standards.

Though there is "the ambulance Gobot" and a bizarre cameo appearance by the much-bootlegged Kronoform transforming watch to savour.

Collision Course Comet

A rare Western outing for Crasher's white Rothmans colour scheme, complete with toy-accurate face. Though now I look at it she does look a lot like Spoiler. Well it's still toy-accurate, just maybe not the right toy.

This is also the most Dumper (well, dumper Gobot) gets to do in anything.

The Wagner Sirens

This is the best (well, least god-awful) of the books.

It features Matt, A.J., Doctor Braxis, Cy-Kill, a non-speaking Turbo, a speaking jeep (Geeper-Creeper) and a truck/lorry (Road Ranger, who gets on the cover but isn't named).

The Weeds of Calcheron

Cy-Kill and Braxis attack the Command Centre (a sizable city-type base in World's crazed universe) with some - oh yes - killer weeds, now ripe for comparison to penises and/or rape-hungry tentacles in the brave new satirical world of 21st century internet comedians. LOLocaust.

Dozer not only gets on the cover, but gets a name and a line of dialogue. Against this, a non-speaking Leader-1 appears in the text, but the pictures show Royal-T instead. Chortle. Also, keep an eye out for the bit where the artist blatantly draws Geeper-Creeper when one of the ASC's jeeps is swamped by the penistacles.